Thoughts on some aspects of the ‘Rift Personality’ type

There is something I now call the ‘Rift Personality’.  Previously I called it by other names.  I didn’t understand what it was at first but, as time went on, I’ve begun to understand and see this condition more clearly.  I’ve seen its manifestations in other people since then which has greatly helped me.  I’ve made some alterations since I first saw it.

Initially, I thought it was Asperger’s Syndrome but I think its something else now.  I called it ‘Myopic Mind’ at one point, and even the ‘Rift Illness’.  But lately, I’ve begun to call it the ‘Rift Personality’.  This is because I believe it is a personality type.  It’s not really an illness.  It can lead to problems, though, but not necessarily.  I’ve written about this condition under those different names on this blog site if your interested.  My initial description is in a blog called “describing my condition”.

I now see 5 traits that seem common to this personality type.  They are:

1.   Over or under sensitivity to sensations.  Usually, it seems to be oversensitive or, at least, that seems to have the biggest impact.

2.   Problems with concentration.  Sometimes, this can be so intense that they only see what they are concentrating on, everything else as if fades in the background.

3.   The ‘crib reflex’.  This is a tendency to want to create a comfortable environment around them much like a babies crib. 

4.   A strong ‘mental apprehension’.  A tendency to create a very strong interior world that can sometimes outweigh reality in importance.

5.   An inability to relate to things.  This is a result of the conditions above.

Not all four are seen all the time.  In addition, traits are seen in different manifestations and forms as well as in different intensities.

Another trait of this condition is that these qualities must be so strong that a person must live their life around it.  That is to say, they must adjust their life to this reality.  This can range from mild to extensive.

One of the big qualities of this condition is that it seems to be a perception problem.  That is to say, its a condition where a person is over or under reactive to perceiving the world.  This is mostly felt in over or under sensitivity or in problems of concentration.  Basically, this altered perception condition makes it so they are, in a sense, living in a different reality.  By this I mean they are reacting to a different set of stimuli than other people are.  In that sense, they are in a different world of sorts.  Even though its the same environment it is felt and experienced differently by someone with the ‘Rift Personality’. 

This can cause all sorts of problems.  Usually, it creates a problem relating with people, especially, but also with the world.  Its for this reason that I say that a ‘rift’ appears with this personality type, hence the name. 

It’s not uncommon that it develops an awkwardness.  It can become quite bad and even hinder ones associations with people, as it did with me. 

It also creates a feeling of separation from the world oftentimes.  This can lead to feelings of alienation and inability to relate with things. 

There is a tendency to become very internally minded.  The perceptions can be so strong that it creates a condition where they literally ‘live in their own world’, often oblivious to the outside world.  Because these perceptions are usually different than what other people experience it makes people with the ‘Rift Personality’ appear weird or eccentric.  Socially, this can lead to great problems and difficulties.  People can be practically astorcized for this (as I very well know). 

Often, the ‘Rift Personality’ creates shyness in people.  With this condition, people can be almost chronically shy.  This is usually a result of hypersensitivity to personal relations.  The strongest form of shyness I know is called Love Shyness, which is seen in this personality type.

People with the ‘Rift Personality’ are often misunderstood.  Their condition is often called by other things and its not uncommon that they are described as having some deficiency, inadequacy, or problem. 

With the ‘Rift Personality’ there is a need for the person to “manage” their perceptions.  In fact, this is what the ‘crib reflex’ really is.  Here they create an environment that is acceptable to them and their perception problems.  There is a tendency to avoid perceptions and situations that are difficult for them to deal with.  This seems to come naturally and, it seems to me, that’s how most of this condition is handled anyways.

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