Thoughts on America’s policing of the world and trying to ‘save’ it

I have been nothing but disgusted and revolted by America’s policing and trying to ‘save’ the world.  It’s so humiliating and degrading that I almost want to move to some other country.  It makes me feel ashamed to be part of a country that has become a self-proclaimed policeman and savior of the world.  To me, it is nothing but an arrogance and a self righteousness hidden behind a veil of Christian principles.  Not only that, it is nothing but a ‘forced conversion’ of the world, trying to make the world one big America. 

There are also other issues that make this bad:

–          Countries are not allowed to solve their own problems.  Because of this they cannot develop.  If there are any problems, like a civil war or tragedy, the US is right there sticking its nose into it.  Not allowing countries to solve their own problems is like a parent doing everything for their kids.  How can the kids be expected to grow?  In the same way, countries do not grow when the US is perpetually sticking its nose into things.  I am a firm believer that countries should be allowed to have their problems, their civil wars, and their tragedies.  The US had them.  Europe had them.  No one helped them.  Why can’t the countries nowadays be permitted to have theirs?  Way back in the early 90’s I started a saying:  “let the world grow up”.

–          When the US tries to ‘save’ a country, giving it help, it actually hinders its ability to be its own country.  The US is basically creating a world of what I always jokingly call ‘dependencies’.  This is a bunch of countries that are dependent on another country to basically survive or to stand up.  I’ve heard officials in Africa and Asia say something to this effect:  “why should we do anything, the US will give us aid?”  They’re not even willing to develop.  When the US offers money or free aid seldom do foreign politicians decline.  Whether it is good or bad for the country, it doesn’t matter.  Often, this sets the stage for dependency.  Not only that, I’ve even heard a US government official admit that our continually helping countries is doing nothing but making those countries unable to develop.  I also sometimes jokingly call them ‘welfare countries’ and that we’re creating a ‘welfare world’.   If the US quit giving aid then these countries will probably collapse. 

–          Many countries are basically told what to do.  When the US polices or ‘saves’ a country it often ends with the US telling them how to do things.  The US will put in its own style of government, typically, and often try to force its values and ways onto it in one way or another.  It’s not uncommon that any policing or ‘saving’ by the US is nothing but a prelude to a ‘conversion’ to American ways.

–          They implant foreign values into that society, which are often alien to it and in which they often cannot relate to.  A lot of the world cannot relate to American things any more than a lot of Americans can’t relate to theirs.  Implanting foreign ideas and values has caused great problems for some societies.  In fact, it has devastated and destroyed quite a few. 

–          Often, the US will take sides on domestic disputes.  Taking sides on a domestic dispute in a country is a touchy affair.  Typically, these are affairs the US has no business in having a say in.  Naturally, it will side with whoever emulates its values.  But are they the right values for that country?  My experience looking at history is NO!  America is notoriously bad at determining what’s best for another country.  This is usually because the US is motivated by its own political motives and wants, which seldom reflect the needs of a foreign country.  In fact, I have no trust whatsoever that the US government is capable of knowing what’s best for a foreign country.

–          By interfering with the affairs of other peoples and cultures it disrupts the natural order of things.  Often, things happen for a reason.  When someone from the outside tries to interfere, change, or alter things it alters the course of historical progression.  When this happens the original problem is seldom solved as it did not have the chance to be solved.  Unstead, things are as if ‘unhinged’.  That is to say, the original problem has been derailed because the interference, and what it brings with it, has caused a whole new set of problems.  Oftentimes, this gives the illusion that the original problem has been solved, but it usually means its been delayed or replaced.

Under these conditions people and countries are often prevented from being their own people.  They cannot develop into a self sustaining and dignified people as well.  How can a country have dignity when another country hovers over it poking its nose into it?  Not only that, it hinders the growth and development of these countries.  In effect, it actually harms countries overall. 

Very few people realize that, oftentimes, another countries interference in its affairs and trying to solve its problems destroys the dignity of those people.  This is something seldom mentioned or acknowledged but, I have found, is far more critical than one can imagine.  In some sense, a country without dignity is no country at all.

A lot of the world’s problems can be somehow be linked to America’s attempt at trying to police or ‘save’ the world.  In effect, all it has become is nothing but an intrusion into other people’s affairs. 

America hides behind a wall of Christian sanctity, usually, in its statements and explanations of things.  It’s like they use Christian virtue (like charity and helping your neighbour) to justify everything they do.  That sounds good but it’s not what they’re doing things for.  It’s usually a cover story for some other motive.  My observation is that the US is no different than any other country.  All this supposed ‘good will’ isn’t what it seems.  Behind it is politics and power motives that are often as corrupt, misled, or misguided as anywhere else (probably more so). 

People think this is all good and that but I think there is a more sinister side to this.  It shows, really, a lack of respect for other countries and an attitude that other countries are ‘small’, incompetent, and stupid.  Behind all this high and mighty talk is nothing but a degrading attitude of the world. 

I am against policing of the world.  Policing implies a certain set of standards.  What are these standards and do they fit all the nations of the world?  My inquiry is that there cannot be any single set of standards for the world and its myriad forms of cultures, beliefs, and peopleThis means that it is impossible to police the world

The UN gives the illusion that this can be so, but they’re often worse than the US.  I’ve always been sceptical about the UN.  I understand it is trying to create a more harmonious world, but it is an organization like any other.  Oftentimes, it seems, the countries that determine policy are the powerful ones or the ones with all the money.  That does NOT make it right!

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