Thoughts on how other people being too close can be smothering

When your oversentitive or have the ‘rift personality’ having someone being too close to you can have a smothering quality about it.  This can create a condition of feeling great discomfort or a desire to ‘get away’.   By being too close I mean a number of situations:

–   Always having people around you.

–   Having to socialize a lot.

–   People wanting to do things with you all the time.

–   People making a big deal about you or what you’ve done.

–   People being ‘in your face’.

–   Being too intimate with other people.

–   Having people look in your eyes.

–   Having people make remarks about you.  Criticism can be especially difficult.

When people are too close, such as shown above, there is too much stimuli.  With the oversensitive, this can be difficult to bare.   The natural tendency is to move away from this sensory overload and to avoid it.  But, this can have drastic effects on social relations.  It can affect it in ways such as:

–   It can devastate social relations, to be frank.  With me, it has put social relations to a standstill.

–   It can make people think you want nothing to do with them or are asocial.  This is often not the case, as oversensitive people often want to be social.  They are just impaired or have difficulty doing it.

–   It can hinder wanting to socialize and make a person reluctant to associate with people.

–   Because it deals with social relations it can cause loss of self esteem, feelings of worthlessness, and such.

I’ve had times where just having someone congratulate me or wanting to help me can be smothering at times.  Sometimes, even the smallest thing can make me move away, such as someone getting close to me to whisper to me.

Such is the oversenstive nature . . .

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