Thoughts on our relationship with the ‘living existence’

Existence is not a dead fact.  It is not an intellectual concept, nor is it a ‘thing’.  It is not a principle or a definition.  It is much more than that.  Existence is alive.  We are alive.   The world is alive.  All that is alive and ‘is’ make up existence. 

The inanimate things, the material things, the definable things of the world – these are only the foundation of existence:  the matter of existence. 

But real existence, actual existence, is in the life contained within the matter of existence. 

Oh, I can look out and see the matter.  There is the table, the wall, the tree.  Everywhere is matter.  This I can see, I can feel, I can sense.

But can you sense the life?  It cannot be sensed with sight.  It cannot be sensed with touch.  No, not at all.  It is more than that.  It is beyond that.

Sensing the life – Living Existence – there is a riddle.  How does one sense what cannot be sensed?  How does one see what cannot be seen?  Yes, the riddle of life.  Try what you may, have the explanations you want, but the riddle will never be answered.  Not completely. 

But in that unanswerableness is the answer to the riddle.  That feeling of not always being satisfied.  That feeling of not always being complete.  That feeling of looking for something.  Always searching, always longing, always feeling in need.  There . . . there is life.  To not be in need is to be dead, a cold rock.  To know need, to know the great yearning, is to know living existence.

The great yearning implies a sense of incompleteness.  Living in existence we are never complete.  It is this completeness we need.  To live is to be incomplete, always searching for to be made complete.  This searching is life.

The great yearning, really, is a love.  Through this passion life is embraced.  Through this passion life is entered.  Through this passion life is experienced.

But, oh, this searching has its moments.  Times of success.  Times of despair.  Times of disappointment.  Times of pain.  Knowing life is to know pain in all its myriad forms. 

Getting closer to the living existence, it changes.  A living thing is something.  It is a being . . . a someone.  For something to be alive it must be a living thing.  Truly, to experience living existence it must be felt as a being.  Undefined . . . yes.   Unknown . . . yes.  Shrouded in mystery . . . yes.  A living being none the less.

Living existence lives.  Do you not feel its presence?  Do you not feel it speaking to you?  There it is . . . in front of you.  A living being.

What does one do with a living being?  Do you greet it?  Do you talk to it?  A living being begs to be associated with.  Do we not acknowledge the existence of even a worm when we see it?  All living beings are acknowledged at the minimum.

But the living existence demands more.  It expects more.  We expect more.  Life expects more.

Acknowledging the being of living existence is a start.  But, oh, how does one associate with the unkown, the undefined, the mystery?  How does one associate with something one cannot see or touch? 

Such is the riddle. 

Only so is the answer found in the yearning, the yearning of the heart, the yearning of the soul.  Where does the yearning originate from within?  Where is its seat within us?  There, I tell you!  There is where one speaks to the living existence. 

Seek the yearning within.  There the speech is found, the mysterious speech, that has no words, no concepts, no ideas.  Finding this speech is to find the self, for in the speech lies the self.  It is true that the self is nothing but ones livingness within the living existence. 

But, oh, such as arduous task it is finding this speech, his self.  It takes a lifetime . . .  and more.  Only going beyond ones life is this speech found . . . going beyond ones life.  This leads to the same destination always – living existence.  There . . . there lies the greater self, the self within existence itself

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