Thoughts on the passions flow in contemplation

I always speak of something I call ‘passion‘.  This is nothing but a person’s life, really.  By this I mean it’s like some energy or force that is contained within us – our life energy – which makes us live.  When a person dies this passion leaves.  It’s passion that animates us, moves us, motivates us, and fuels us. 

I have always held this believe that this passion moves from within us and out of us much like a river.  In effect, passion is always flowing through us.  This is the source of my saying, “passion flows”.  A lot of life, I think, is allowing this passion to flow freely.  When it flows freely we truly live. 

It also seems that a lot of life’s little wisdoms are nothing but creating the correct attitude and environment for this to happen.  This shows that our stance, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviour greatly affect passions flow.  Being overly nervous or worried, for example, seems to be emotions that seem to ‘cut off’ passions flow much like constricting a water hose. 

A person’s passion, which comes from within flows outward, out of us, and into existence.  By this, I mean the existence that surrounds us like air.  It is the presence of life, which is why I call it the ‘presence’.  It is the part of life that is not us but about us and which encompasses us.  Before it gets there passion must pass through various ‘stuff’ much like this: 


By ‘stuff’ I mean anything that has meaning of value to us, that occupies our life, and gives some meaning to what we do.  It is the ‘thing’ we do in daily life for we must always be doing some ‘thing’.  We are all occupied with something somehow all day.  This is the ‘stuff’ I speak of. 

‘Stuff’ becomes so important and critical in life that we often mistake it for life.  This is because this is where our minds are focused, in doing all the ‘stuff’ we need to do in life.  But it can to beyond that.

Contemplation takes things to a new level.  Contemplation is really nothing but the embracing and the allowing of this passion to flow.  It’s done in a unique way.  In contemplation we generally try to not think or do anything.  In so doing, the ‘stuff’ is removed so the path of passion goes like:


But this causes a dilemma in contemplation.  Since the ‘stuff’ is missing we struggle with its absence.  Eventually, this struggle with the absence of ‘stuff’ is what a lot of the struggle of contemplation consists of.  It shows that ‘stuff’ is a big requirement for passion to flow.  This is why we must occupy ourselves with things and do things always.  Otherwise, it’s like we’re being completely empty.  When a person contemplates this ’emptiness’ is felt and the mind is continually trying to occupy itself with ‘stuff’.  Thoughts and emotions continually plague the mind, endlessly harassing it.  In some ways, the minds grasping for ‘stuff’ has a similar sensation as when you hold your breath and begin to gasp for air.  It is true, that with out the ‘stuff’ we begin to gasp for it.  Through the practice of contemplation we slowly learn to get used to having no ‘stuff’ and our mind gets used to it bit by bit.

By removing the ‘stuff’ in contemplation we as if instigate or allow to develop another aspect of passion flow that is normally neglected.  It might be more accurate to say it’s not as critical in the normal human life for most people.  For some of us, it becomes very important. 

I speak of the flow of passion from the presence back to the passion (that is, the person).  What happens, then, is that there develops a ‘circle of passion’ , much like:


                   Λ                      V

              Λ                                V

          Λ                                         V

              Λ                                V

                    Λ                     V                   


The flow goes around and around in a circle.  In effect, it becomes and endless circle, giving and receiving passion. 

By so doing a new sense seems to develop.  It’s this sense, I always felt, that creates that sense of ‘spirituality’ for here the presence affects you.  It also creates a ‘profound’ sense in life and gives a whole new twist on life and its experience.  In addition, there is a sense that life gives something to us, which it does.  This gives us, it seems to me, a feeling of being more a part of life and that we are active players in it.

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