Thoughts on the importance of subservience and submission

Lately, the idea of subservience and submissive is looked at in a bad light.  In the US it has been looked at this way since the cold war, at least, but it originates earlier than that.  No doubt the cold war brought out these American ideas of ‘freedom’ and ‘independence’ which, basically, condemned it.  I can remember when any reference to being submissive or subservient was looked at as some sort of crime against humanity.

But, my observation and experience shows that there’s nothing wrong with being ‘subservient’.  In fact, it is a necessary part of life.  In reality, it encompasses the bulk of our lives.   In addition, there is great power in it.

What does ‘subservience’ and submission mean?  To me, it means that you must submit to some other thing.  It means you must do what something else says, whether you like it or not.  Basically, you have no choice.

Whether we like it or not we are all subservient to something all our lives.  A big part of our life is spent in being subservient and submissive to something.  Because of this, it has great importance in our life. Unknowingly, we display subservience for most of the time, in some form or another.  In fact, we need it.

Here are a few examples of subservience in our lives:

–   To start off with, we are subservient to life.  It dictates things, not us.  Being thrown into life, we are really slaves to it.

–   We have to submit to situations.  Most of the time, situations affect us, not the other way around.  In many ways, life is nothing but submitting to situations and being subservient to what is required of us.

–   Submission to social circumstances.  We all submit to various social situations.  We have to go to school, work, obey the law, follow moral codes, pay the bills, go to a wedding, etc.  Many times, these are done with great reluctance.  It appears that the social subservience and submission is what causes the most difficulty. It is the social form that creates the deepest of feelings and the most harshest.  Here is where most of the bad feelings are of it.  Because of this, most people look at being subservient and submissive only from this point of view, greatly restricting their perspective.

–   We submit to the needs of our bodies.  No matter what, we have to eat, go to the bathroom, stay warm, etc.  If our health fails we’re in bad shape.  The body has far greater power in our life than many of us realize.

–   We submit to our wants and emotions.  Many of us struggle with this in our lives, some very intensely.  In general, we never gain control of our emotions.  Unstead, we have to learn to live with them.  This is just a form of subservience and submission.

A big part of dealing with subservience is learning to accept it and bend with it.  Much of the wisdom in life is really nothing but learning and accepting some form of submission or subservience.  Law, morality, being practical, etc. all involve forms of learning this.  Learning, in general, is nothing but a form of submission or subservience.  Aren’t we having to submit to some way of doing something?  We are following what something else is doing.

There can be great power in subservience.  It’s being subservient and submissive that many of us have value and worth in life.  We basically sit and wait to do what something else wants from us in life . . . our family, our job, our country, etc.  Being subservient and submissive, really, is what gives us our meaning in life.

When we submit and are subservient we put our lives in something else’s hands.  By doing this we put our trust and faith in it.  This actually, in the end, takes a load off our mind and decreases our pressure in life.  By so doing, we are able to live a better,  happier, and healthier life.  This means that submission and subservience helps us to live happier and healthier.

A lot of relaxing is really a form of being submissive and subservient.  Sitting and watching TV or listening to music is a good example.  Aren’t we giving up our selves and mind to it?  We are as if ‘captivated’ and, in a way, enslaved by it.  Losing our selves in it we relax and enjoy it.

As I said above, most of the bad views of subservience and submission is a result of the social version of it, which has deep personal feelings. Being treated bad by other people is something that hurts us all.  In a way, its not being subservient and submissive socially that’s bad (as we all do a form of it anyways).  Its just that it can be another example of being treated bad by other people that’s the problem.

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