Thoughts on the problem of Christian ideals and the problem of idealism

Over the years I have found that Christians ideals are good as ideals but tend to lack a wisdom and practicality in the real world.  Many of these ideals have been put into effect and had horrible consequences (such as in politics).  Most certainly Christianity means well, but so do a lot of other things.  That doesn’t make its ideals right though.

In many ways, Christian ideals tend to be blind.  Much of this, no doubt, is because it is something considered ‘ordained by God’ which makes it automatically good and right.  Jesus ordained these ideals to be performed . . . end of story.  As a result, all they do is put these ideals into effect without any thought or concern for its what it will do or if it should be done at all.

Sadly, Christianity has been a big cause for the worlds problems.  It has been forced onto many people and its ideals are continuing to be forced onto the world in international relations.  A lot of the UN is really reflecting Christian ideals.  These include ideas of human rights, helping nations in need, condemning violent conflict, etc.  Basically they are trying to force a pattern of ‘love your neighbor’ on the world.  In so doing they maintain the effects of Christian ideals upon the world.

But many of these attempts are motivated only by the ideal of what they want.  To follow an ideal basically has a quality of following pies in the sky.  Ideals are what one would like things to be.  It tends to neglect how things are in the real world.  As a result, idealism tends to lack wisdom and practicality in life.  This quality alone makes putting ideals into effect a touchy subject.

Not only that, as I said above, Christian ideals tend to be blindly performed.  This makes it even more likely to not be practical or demonstrate a wisdom.

With all this, its no wonder that Christian ideals tend to have drastic effects upon the world.

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