A dream about having to pay $12,500 for a joke

The first part of this dream is vague.  I was somewhere, like at work or school.  I did some sort of a joke or prank to someone.  I don’t remember what I did though.  It ended up started a ball rolling in which they had to print up, I think, a manual or something, which was very big.  I found out that it was taken farther than what was intended and created problems.  This sort of stunned me.  I then had to go to an office of someone.  I knew I was in trouble.  He called me up to his desk and said something like, “this is how much it cost” and held up a piece of paper pointing to a figure on the page.  I looked at it and saw $12,500.00.  I couldn’t believe it.  How can a manual cost that much?  He said, “This has to be paid by someone.  Since you caused it you are the likely candidate.”  I was stunned.  That’s a lot of money and for what?  It so bothered me I woke up and was mystified about it.  I felt this sense of helplessness and a feeling of being trapped.

(This dream, probably, has a lot to do with a bill I got from the doctors.  I got a bill of $540.00 for a blood test!  My insurance should pay for it.  I was outraged though.  For a lot of people that’s like a week and a halfs pay . . . for a standard blood test?  I was so aphalled I wanted to call up the place and complain (yeah, like that’s going to do something . . .), whether the insurance payed for it or not, it doesn’t matter.  That’s ridiculouos.  It left me with this sense of helplessness, of being trapped in a ridiculous system that tries to get as much out of you as it can and justifies it with ‘official’ explanations.  I know this feeling.  It is the feeling I get from what I call the ‘System’.  I haven’t reflected on the ‘system’ for some time.  I began to reflect on it again and want to write about it.  The whole dream, really, reflects my feelings of helplessness toward the ‘system’ and how I feel powerless about it.  It also reflects that feeling of absurdity that surrounds the ‘system’.)

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