Thoughts on the ‘System’ and ‘Systemism’

Way back in the 90’s I began to speak of something I called the ‘System‘.  I saw this as a big problem nowadays.  The ‘system’ is basically the makeup of all the organizations (like government, businesses, etc.), laws, technology, consumerism, etc. that basically control our lives.  All this stuff works together to create an overall ultra organized system.  Because of this the ‘system’ cannot be pinpointed or located exactly.  It is everything working together as a unit that creates the ‘system’.  The workings of the ‘system’ I call ‘systemism‘.  This is how it affects our lives.

The ‘system’ was created to maintain an overpopulated society.  It is geared to supply the masses with food, order, safety, and security.  It is something that developed over a long period of time.  It began in western Europe probably springing from the monarchy and the idea that the monarchy takes care of the people much like a parent.  When the monarchies began to fall (English Civil War, French Revolution, etc.) this idea was basically transferred into ideas in science, governmental systems, and business.  Slowly, it developed, bit by bit, and now has created this massive overpowering ‘system’ that hangs over us all.

No one controls the ‘system’.  It literally has a life of its own.  No one dictates what it does.  If there is anything that controls the ‘system’ it is circumstance.  In fact, as the ‘system’ grows and grows humanity we are actually losing more and more control of it.  I’ve heard some people think this condition is democracy – people rule.  This is not a people rule!  It is more like a “nihilistic rule” – a ‘nothing’ rule, in which no one controls anything.  No human, individually or in a group, controls the ‘system’.  They may steer it abit but that’s about it.

So far the ‘system’ has worked very well in supplying people with material welfare and a somewhat ordered society.  Perhaps, it succeeded too well.  The ‘system’ has greatly mesmorized humanity.  Like some drug, people are lurred into it and it captivates them.  I’ve compared some peoples attitude to a ‘high’.  Some people are in awe of it, as if it were some form of god.  Way back in the 80’s I coined the word ‘technological dazzlement’.  It would be more accurate to say ‘systemic dazzlement’ now.  People are dazzled by it, amazed, and think its magnificant.  This is one of the problems of the ‘system’ – it mesmorizes people too much.

The ‘system’ is a double edged sword.  It has both helped humanity and ruined it.  Whether you support it or not depends on which side you lean.  Both the beneficial sides of the ‘system’ and its damaging sides can be argued with truth.  This helps create what I often call the ‘dilemma of the system’.

There is a price to pay in the ‘system’.  The ‘system’ creates a society not geared to the human person.  In effect, it is not humanly relevent.  And so living in the ‘system’ creates a lifestyle that is not all that humanly relevent.  This stunned me  when I first discovered this.  When you look at the ‘system’ it seems to do nothing but cater to the human being.  There are grocery stores, consumer products, things to please our wants, things to cure our ailments, etc.  But, still, something seems to of been left out, as if forgotten.  Something very important.

Basically, the ‘system’ caters to only an aspect of the human condition, not to its entiretly.  This seems mostly to concern material items, petty whims, and basic feelings of security.  What has been left out is that deep inner humanity, the human person.  Standing back and looking at the ‘system’ you can see that it is designed for the masses, the mob, to keep them happy and satisified.  But human beings are not the masses.  We are not the mob.  Despite all the ‘system’ says, it is not geared to the individual person.  It caters to none of the inner needs of humanity.  The ‘system’ has no soul.  The ‘system’ is so powerful that it literally pushes out everything else.   I call this the ‘pushing out’.   This is part of its problem.  It’s so powerful that it seems it does not allow things to grow that are not akin to it.  By so doing it seems to actually hinder human growth.  In effect, then, what has been created is this great powerful system that requires us to be like it.  What started out as something for humanity, to help humanity, has now become something in which we must rearrange our lives for, for better or worse.  If something is invented we have no choice but to follow it.  We have no choice but rearrange our lives to its dictates.  If the system starts causing damage to the environment, we have to rearrange our lives for it.  The era where the ‘system’ rearranges itself for humanity seems to of ended.

A lot of the ‘system’ is a product of science and abstract thought.  This is a form of thinking that does not fit into the human world all that much.  It usually takes a specific type of person to find meaning in this abstract thought.  This means that most of the ‘system’ is designed and created by a thought that many people can’t relate to.  In some sense, its like having a foreign culture control your life.

Being that the ‘system’ is not geared to the human person it creates a condition of alienation in humanity.  This is because the ‘system’ has an inhuman quality about it.  In reality, it lacks a human relevency, even though it plays at being human.  One aspect of the ‘system’ is its illusions of being a human system.  This is one of its great tricks.  But, despite its appearing to be human, people struggle with feelings of alienation in it than in any other system.  There are more people wondering who they are than any other system.  This hides the truth . . . and reveals the illusion.

I began to find what the ‘system’ was doing to me by what I called the ‘suffocation sickness’.  I felt as if I was being suffocated by everything.  There was just ‘something’ about all this.  Something didn’t seem right to me.  I could never pin it down . . . until I began to understand ‘systemism’.  The fact is that the ‘system’ is suffocating.  It suffocates the human in us.  Like a great weight it weighs upon us squashing our humanity.  Everywhere I turned the ‘system’ was there.  It was thrown at me, shuved down my throat.  For me, this reached crisis proportions in my late 20’s.  One of the things that saved me was nature and ‘getting away’.  I tried to not be around it.  I tried to get away from it as much as I could.  I also did not cater to it all that much.  By being away from it I could finally breathe and was able to pull myself back together.  It’s sad when I have to protect myself from my own society.

But, still, there remains a fear of the ‘system’.  It’s a unique fear, unlike anything I know.  Reflecting on it I can see that it is really a fear of absurdity.  Or, to be more precise, I fear absurdity pretending that its not absurdity.  Being inhuman the ‘system’ has an absurd quality about it.  Many things just don’t make any sense.  Even when they do they still don’t make sense.  This is because it makes sense in the abstract sense but not in the human sense.  And when it does all this the ‘system’ uses all these explanaitons that sound ‘official’ and seem, at first glance, to ‘make sense’.  It creates a dilemma of the ‘absurd that makes sense’.

Another aspect of the ‘system’ is the sense of helplessness it causes.  Within the ‘system’ the human being is really helpless.  Being inhuman we can’t really relate to it.  We look up at this great massive thing hanging over us with a look of ‘huh’.  This attitude is quite common nowadays.  Many people aren’t aware of it though.

Very few people relate with the ‘system’ as an inhuman system.  Many people either have no explanation or give it other explanations.  In the US, for example, any time the ‘system’ resembles their political theory they will assign it that explanation.  And so if no one can change the governments stance they all say its ‘oppression’ or ‘shows how we’re not free’.  But the fact is that the ‘system’ goes beyond any political or economic theory.  They are only a part of the great complex of the ‘system’.  As a result, to understand the ‘system’ a person needs to go beyond the thinking of the former era, of ‘political oppression’, ‘freedom’, the ‘individual’, various economic theories, and so on.  Those points of view are no longer relevent with the ‘system’.  The ‘system’, I’ve found, have required a whole new way of looking at things.  We are no longer dealing government oppression and failing economic theories and neoclassical ideas of the individual and freedom.  Things have now gone beyond that.

The ‘system’ is also very destructive to the environment.  I think many of us know the damage humanity is doing to the environment that I don’t need to dwell on it here.  If humanity keeps doing the damage its doing who knows what the world will be like in a hundred years.

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Copyright by Mike Michelsen

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