Thoughts on the appearance of Edward the Confessor

There are, of course, no pictures or sculptures that portray Edward accurately.  Those that were done were stylized portraits that seldom have resemblance to the man it portrays, such as this picture from the Bayeaux Tapestry:

We do have some descriptions though.  I’ve always felt these were from his later years, so they describe an older man (he died in his early 60’s).  I’ve found these descriptions of him:

He had wavy milky white hair and beard.

His skin was very white (there is speculation that he may have been an albino).

His face is plump or full.  Does this mean he may have been a little chubby or does it just describe a physical characteristic?  I always pictured Edward as being skinny.  His being very devout, religious, and chaste makes me think this even more (as he probably wouldn’t of been a glutton).  Perhaps, though, he did gain weight in his later years?  It happens . . .

He’s described as having ruddy (reddish) or rosy cheeks. 

He was of middle stature.  What height that would be for the times I’m not sure.  Would it be something like 5’-4” tall or thereabouts?

He’s described as being handsome.

When his coffin was accidentally broken by scaffolding after the coronation of James II in 1685 it was remarked that his skull was full of teeth, suggesting that he had all or most of his teeth when he died.

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