Thoughts on the benefits of using the prayer rope

The prayer rope is very important I think.  The prayer rope is a cord with knots in it.  The whole cord is made in a circle.  They are used to count prayers in the Greek Orthodox Church.  I always use one all the time.  Unlike the Greek Orthodox Church, I do not do the Jesus Prayer though.  I say other things.

Over the years I have found it very beneficial.  Some of the things the prayer rope does are:

–          The prayer rope is good to help you keep your thoughts directed.  By counting off a simple word it seems to help you focus.

–          It helps prevents the mind from wandering.

–          It directs your mind to a specific theme or subject.  I often say what I’m needing at the time.  I often say things like ‘presence, presence’ or ‘calm, calm’ or ‘come to my aid, come to my aid’. 

–          It’s calming.  Sitting there counting off a prayer rope seems to be soothing sometimes and creates a calm.

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