Thoughts on biology and the nature of “life” – the ‘life gravity’

After looking at biology, cell functioning, etc. I find it very hard to believe that “life” is all just some ‘random’ chemical reactions.  I have a hard time believing that, one day, in some pond somewhere, chemical reactions began to appear that slowly evolved into living creatures. 

Random chemical reactions?  Are you serious? 

I have a hard time believing that the involved processes of the cell (metabolism, growth, replication, etc.) is just a ‘chemical reaction’ that natural selection created.  There is so much more to the life of a cell than ‘chemical reactions’.  It can often repair itself, interact with its surroundings, replicate, grow, and so on.  Supposedly, all that’s just chemical reactions that happen . . . stored in the DNA . . .

I don’t believe it.

There seems something . . . missing.

There’s something more to living creatures, something more than ‘chemical reactions’ and natural selection.  It seems to me that there is something like a movement or a force that moves everything living creatures do.  Biology talks as if the ‘chemical reactions’ are what leads life and determines it but, it seems to me, that all these ‘chemical reactions’ are not leading this life movement but following it!  It’s the life movement that determines what they do.  The life movement is like gravity, in a way, a force that affects things and moves things in a certain direction.  It is for this reason I often call it the ‘life gravity‘.

It’s a force that affects all living things.  It moves living things beyond simple ‘chemical reactions’.  If cells and living things were just ‘chemical reactions’ they’d be something like a  machine, but they’re not machines, nor do they behave like a machine.  Even a single celled organism shows a ‘genius’ of sorts, an incredible adaption, growth, and living that no automatic machine, based in ‘chemical reactions’, could ever achieve. 

But the ‘life gravity’ is a force that cannot be measured or seen.  It is presumed to exist by the behaviour of things.  This takes it out of the realm of science.  We move now into an area much like philosophy, psychology, or religion.

It seems that the ‘life gravity’ uses things like ‘chemical reactions’ to do its purpose.  These are the means for the ‘life gravity’ to display and manifest itself.   It is the force that leads the physical makeup of the living creature toward life.  This suggests that the ‘life gravity’ is actually removed from the physical makeup of the living creature.  That is to say, the “life” that a living creature has is both within and without it.  It does not exist purely in its cells and ‘chemical reactions’.

This point of view gives a whole new perspective on “life”.  Normally, we think of something living as a physical creature.  It is just an ‘object’, in a way.  But this is saying more, that “life” is within a living thing and goes beyond it as well.  “Life” consists of more than you can see or measure.

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