A dream about going to the doctors

I dreamt that I had to go to the doctors for an examination of my abdomen.  I remember walking through the hospital hall with the doctor.  The examination was actually going to be made by another doctor.  We were going to meet him and then go to the examination room.  We did meet him on the way to the examination room.  He seemed like he didn’t want to do it, which made me apprehensive.  When we got to the examination room there was this huge brownish color contraption in the room.  It seemed a simple smooth rectangular thing with nothing on it surface.  It was about 7 feet high, maybe 3 feet wide and probably at least 15-20 feet long.  In the middle of this, on the top, was a notch, maybe 12″ wide and 12″ deep that went side to side.  I had to get up there and lay on the top of this contraption on my back.  The notch had to be below my abdomen area.  Apparently, the contraption somehow took some readings from my abdomen.  It was really uncomfortable.

(This dream does involve problems I’ve had with my stomach.  I have had to go to the doctors.  The problem appears to be mostly something like irritable bowel syndrome and difficulty digesting certain things.  It gave me quite a worry, as I had all these pains.  Anyways, the dream revolves around my not going out in the woods for some time.  Since its been winter I haven’t been in the woods too much.  During the winter I seemed to sink into a lot of bad atttitudes and feelings.  I can feel this will have to be overcome.  These bad attitudes are portrayed in the doctor who was giving me the examination.  The reference to the stomach problems refer to the bad attitudes I’ve developed as well.  Even laying on the top, feeling uncomfortable, refers to the uncomfortable effect this has had on me.  The contraption  was confusing to me at first.  It reminds me of a newspaper printing press.   We once took my niece to a newspaper place where they showed us the printing press.  It was huge.  The whole machine took the center of the building and it was resting on its own foundation, so the vibrations don’t transfer to the building.  In other words, it was removed from the building.  This refers to the solitude that happens when I am in the woods.  Sometimes, this can bother me and I could tell recently that it might be a problem for a while.  The contraption, then, is a reference to me alone in the woods and that I can forsee that I will have some difficulty.  In effect, this whole dream refers to my desire and anticipation of spending time in the woods this summer, which I look forward to.  It also forsee’s the problems I’m going to have.)

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