Can you imagine a scientific based torture???

I’ve often wondered what would happen if they allowed torture to happen in western society.  Frankly, it’s sort of a scary thought.

You know what would happen?  They’d make a science out of it. 

They’d use science to determine the most effective means to torture people.  They’d do testing and research to find the most effective way to do this.  They’d come up with all sorts of techniques with all sorts of means – chemical, psychological, mechanical, etc.  You name it they’d try it. 

Probably billions of dollars would be spent on this research.   Who knows, maybe different countries would compete for the best techniques – we wouldn’t want a ‘torture gap’ now would we?

Soon, there’d be ‘Universities of Torture’, though they’d probably soften the name by calling it the ‘University of Persuasive Engineering’.  Soon, we’d have people getting Doctorate degrees in Persuasive Engineering.  They’d be teaching basic courses in it at all the colleges and maybe in the public schools.

Naturally, there would be disagreements on the technique and theory of how to implement torture, I mean persuading people, and we’d have different schools of thought on the theory of persuasive engineering.  We would have great ‘pioneers’ of torture and the ‘fathers’ of specific theories or techniques.  They might even become cultural icons after a while . . . who knows?

Then someone would find out that some of the techniques they are using can be used, in a modified form, in the disciplining of children.  They’d then be teaching parents these techniques. This would extend to the schools, to the law, and slowly become a part of society. 

Then they’d find some of the techniques are effective in changing people and moulding people into a specific form.  Since learning is really a form of moulding and changing people, perhaps some of its techniques would be used in learning and school?

With the proliferation of persuasive engineering they’d be more of an acceptance, perhaps, of brutality and cruelty.  Hurting people “for the right reasons” would not be looked at badly.

Who knows, some of the ‘persuasive engineers’ may like their job, of torturing people, of inflicting pain, and the joy of power over other people.  A whole new personality might be born. 

No doubt a technique would appear that is very effective but horrible in its effects.  This would get out into the world and be greatly misused.  Much like the atomic bomb, it would be something that will be a thorn in our side.

Can you imagine? 

The west turned warfare into some scientific based slaughter of people.  Do you think this would be any different?

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