A dream about going to school for work

I dreamt that I had to go to some school for work.  We were all crammed into this bus like sardines.  I wondered why the whole company had to go at the same time.  What for?  After getting there, we had some free time.  I decided to walk in a park nearby.  I walked and walked and neglected that I had to go back.  Someone, a fellow coworker, came and talked to me.  He told me that it had started and that I should go back.  I eventually went back.  I got into the classroom and I had to sit in front of a machine with a screen.  I had no idea what it was or how it worked.  The teacher was saying to do this and that, which I didn’t know, as I wasn’t there at the first of the class.  I realized that I was behind.

(This dream reveals the conflict between contemplation and the ‘active live’, of living in society.  The crampt bus refers to how I feel like society constricts me.  My going off to the park shows how I would much rather be contemplative, which means leaving society.  The school represents the ‘active life’, which I neglected, making me behind.  It shows a basic dilemma that I feel.)

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