The distant land beckons me

The distant land beckons me

calling me to greet the new day

looking off, I see far beyond my outstretched hand

a dream I do perceive, a great wisp of thought

hovering, it hangs above the flowing ridges

swinging and drifting, to and fro

as if to their own solitary tune

glimmering speckles dance as the light catches my eye

oh, that distant land . . . it speaks to me

so far . . . so far . . . out of my grasp

feeling dejected and ashamed, I am knocked off my height

tumbling down, I find my place

confused and misplaced, the world has caught me up

then I noticed what slipped my mind:

. . . the sand tickling between my toes

(This is a reference to when we were traveling along the Oregan coast.  I loved to stand on the beach, especially looking out over the ocean seeing the sun set.  Looking out at the sunset was like looking out into another world . . . it mesmorized me.  I yearned for that ‘reality’.  This ‘reality’ is referred to in the first part.  But, soon, I had to leave the coast, which was not easy for me.  This made me feel as if I had to ‘come back to reality’, which often isn’t easy.  This is my ‘tumbling’.  The coming back to reality is referred to by the sand tickling between my toes.  The ‘tickling’ refers to the fact that ‘coming back to reality’ really isn’t that bad, as there are good things in reality.)

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