Thoughts on how the ‘Blind Fear of Thought’ causes a lot of political problems

I have always felt blind fear causes a lot of unnecessary political problems.  It seems to me that this blind fear is often more dangerous than the political situation that it revolves around.  History shows that it can cause serious problems by itself, without there being any situation happening. 

By ‘blind fear’ I mean the fear of something in which there is no direct evidence of a threat.  Typically, it is not an imminent threat, about to happen.  It typically is a fear of ‘what might happen’, of ‘what could happen’, and so on.  In reality, it is a fear based in thought, and in thinking, not in what is actualy happening.  Typically, though, there becomes a body of belief that supports and sayings that support these notions. There can be whole theories and schools of thought about it, based in fancy logic and principles.  But, in the end, the fear originates from the thought process, not from whats actually happening.  It’s a good example, I think, of how we have become too ‘cranial’ and think too much.  As such, it shows one of the dangers of thinking and thought, that thought creates its own reality that doesn’t necessarily correspond to what’s going on in the real world.  Because of this, a lot of these ‘blind fears’ border on a delusion to, perhaps, a psychosis.  Because of this I often call these ‘Blind Fears of Thought’.

There are many examples of modern conflicts that have been created or compounded by the ‘blind fear of thought’.  These include World War I, the Cold War, and the Iraq War.  In some ways, the ‘blind fear of thought’ seems to be a common instrument in modern conflicts. 

What this means is that many modern conflicts are not a result of situational and immediate necessity.  They are not motivated by ‘flights of fancy’ or ‘flights of passion’.  They are conflicts well thought out and considered.  These are usually by people who went through years of study to learn about politics and war.  In that sense, the ‘blind fear of thought’ is a result of over educated politicians and military men.  It seems that it is they who are always creating it and developing them.  Its they who study and determine all the conditions and threats.  They, in effect, create the ‘mental fabrication’ of threat and fear.

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