Thoughts on the question: “Is there a god?”

I’ve heard the question “Is there a god?” many times.  Generally, I’ve found that the people who ask this question have already answered it.  The answer is usually “no”.  With this question you usually get into people lost in life, disappointed, frustrated, angry, and uncertain about things and life in general.  The question usually is not a reference to the existence of god but more the question of problems they have with themselves.  In reality, that is where the problem lies.  At bottom, people are questioning themselves in the world.

But, overall, there has always seemed a problem with this question.  The question “Is there a god?” is usually taken in the context of “why can’t I understand god?  Because I can’t, I question if he exists.”  This point of view, though, is a human centered point of view.  Even more than that, it is personally centered, as if expecting god to do things according to the individual persons temperament, character, perception of things, etc.  Its like expecting god to cater to the persons peculiariaties.  This way, it will make sense to that person and he’ll “believe”.  In other words, its like saying that god needs to understand and cater to us while we sit and do nothing.  He needs to do things to our satisfaction and pleasure.  

This, unfortunately, is not how things work.

For, it seems to me, that for a person to know the existence of god, he must first of all be god centered.   God must be placed in the forground as a reality, something that a person must search for and find.  Isn’t that what life is about, searching for life and existence, which is god?  Isn’t that what we do in life?  Why, then, do you expect god to do everything for you when your very existence needs you to search for life and god? 

It shows, in a way, how humanity, with all its inventions, institutions, philosophy, etc. has put itself above everything, even god and nature.  It’s as if humanity now thinks it is the answer for everything and knows everything.  Typically, a person who takes this point of view has the immediate assumption that life is human centered.  That is where the error begins.  Once that point of view is taken they are led off the track.  Everything is now what he thinks, what humanity thinks, if it fits into a human philosophy, etc.  They are trying to answer the question of god with human means only.  The question simply cannot be answered by a human centered person with a human centered perspective.  For this question to be answered it requires a god centered perspective.  It’s that simple.  The interesting thing about that, though, is that once a god centered perspective is taken, the question is never asked.

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One Response to Thoughts on the question: “Is there a god?”

  1. Noel says:

    It is easy to question the existence of God when we, humans, are usually thinking in a very shallow, limited way. We use our finite imagination and imagine that God should do this and that in order to fall under the category of existing. But we often fail to recognize that our own limited minds cannot comprehend everything, even though we are evolving and understanding more gradually. However, we have not reached our full potential yet. Therefore, concluding the there is no God is a premature way of perceiving this universe. Claiming that there is a God is also another conclusion, but it still allows room for growth and learn more about who exactly this God is. It allows us to continue to seek and find Him. Denying His existence makes us stagnated in our own little and limited world, where we are the center of the universe, which in reality is an illusion, considering how big the universe is. Thanks for allowing me to comment. Great topic.

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