A dream about a ghost in a paper plate and out-of-control cars

I seemed to be somewhere.  Apparently, I was playing a piano.  Someone came in and talked to me.  I don’t remember what they said.  For some reason, I turned and looked beside the piano.  Between it and the wall were a bunch of books with small pieces of papers sticking out.  I got up and walked out with him.  We walked abit to the east, outside.  There was a bar-b-que.  We sat down.  I’m not sure but I guess we started to eat.  There was a commotion to the table behind me.  I turned and saw that there was something wrong with a little girl.  She seemed to be screaming.  It seems that people were saying that something was speaking to her.  I went over and looked at what she had and found that she had a paper plate that seemed to have voices coming out of it.  I got it and went to my seat, wondering what to do.  I got a match and burnt it.  After it went to ash I wondered if I did the right thing, as there’s no recovering it now.  This worried me.  Then I remember getting up with some people and walking away.

(This dream seems to refer to my feelings, which I am having now, of feeling that I can’t do anything, as I seem to be feeling very inadequate right now.  The piano playing reminds me of a show where a guy was playing an organ actually.  It was really good.  I envied him and wished I could do something like that.  This means the piano refers to a feeling like I can’t do anything.  The books with papersticking out looks like books with book markers in them.  They are all in the process of being read and are not being completed, referring to a feeling of how I can’t get things done.  Being that they’re between the piano and wall shows how I am sort of embarrased by this feeling and don’t want anyone to know.  The ghost in the paper plate makes me think of a show I saw where they hunted for ‘haunted objects’ and claimed they made sounds and such.  This made me wonder.  The important thing is the feeling I felt – of doubt, showing a doubt about myself.  The paper plate refers to hearing someone I know having to get someone to buy paper bowls, actually, for a bar-b-que.  It refers to inadequacy again as she had forgotten and had to get someone else to get them.  My burning the plate – an attempt to get rid of the ‘ghost’ – and then doubting my action again refer to self doubt.  All in all, the dream seems to revolve around my feeling of inadequacy and feeling of doubt about myself.)

Later that night I dreamt I was walking along a path with grass all over, sort of like a park.  I was walking up an incline and it curved around.  As I was walking some people were coming down on a golf cart.  At least one of them was a girl.  They were yelling at me, as if trying to tell me something.   I couldn’t make out what they were saying.  I lifted my hand up to my ear as if to see if it could help me and also to gesture “I can’t  hear you”.  As they got closer they were yelling for me to run as something was coming.  I was mystified as to what they meant.  What could be coming?  Then, right behind them came a tanker trailer (like a semi pulls that carries gas) coming down the path.  It was coming down the path rapidly.  The two people turned off the path and got out of the golf cart and stumbled down the hill.  I was stunned by this.  The path run alongside what looked like a subdivision with apartments.  Down one of the roads come another car as if out of control, and then another.  I looked and saw people running all over . . . and some people got hit by the cars.  I ran up and stood next to an apartment, out of the way, so I wouldn’t get hit.  Here, I seemed to get in a conversation with someone but I don’t remember what I said. 

(This dream seems to represent a feeling I have at this time.  Basically, its a feeling that things are just going past me and I don’t have any control over things.  I know that the park I was in reminds me of a walk I took some weeks ago.  It was along a golf course.  I kept thinking I’d like to walk in the golf course but I knew I couldn’t.  Here is the first hint of how I can’t seem to do things.  Because of the association with a golf course, it does not surprise me that the two people were in a golf course.  The cars going out-of-control down the inclined streets reflect this feeling of a loss of control.  There threatening nature reflect the crisis that is created from it.  My having to get behind an apartment so I wouldn’t get hit reflect how I’m needing to protect myself from this feeling.)

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