Thoughts on endurance

It seems to me that a lot of life is nothing but enduring things.  This, though, seems rarely mentioned or acknowledged but, in day to day life, it seems to consist of a lot of what we do.  In fact, I’d say a big part of life is made of varying forms of endurance.  It seems to always hang there in one form or another, such as enduring work, traffic, having to wait in a doctors office, enduring a not-so-good meal at a restaruant, etc. 

All in all, endurance is basically tolerating something that does not agree with us for some reason.  As a result, it creates a tension within us, which I often compare to a ‘grind’.  In large part, we all learn to endure things so much that the “act” of endurance tends to be forgotten or not considered.  This is not surprising in that endurance describes a situation of helplessness on our part.  We just ‘accept it’ as a result.  Complaining about the things we must endure is no different that saying, “here’s another things I can do nothing about”.  Not a lot of us like to dwell on our helpless situations.

As with everything else there is definately a spectrum of endurance, ranging from something no longer noticed to something so difficult its a feat to endure it at all.  Typically, if something is too hard to endure we must somehow ‘move away’ from it.  That is, get out of the situation.  Dealing with a situation we can barely endure over a long period of time seems like it ages us, makes us older, and wears us down.

Many of us dictate what we do in life by how well we can endure things.  Basically, if something is ‘too much’ we avoid it.  This shows the wisdom in knowing ones endurance abilities. 

The development of endurance is a good quality to develop.  We can, at least to a point, teach ourselves to endure things.  In fact, most of us do this already in one form or another – we have to!  Most of endurance, to me, is nothing but a toleration, of ‘grinning and bearing it’.  This states the fact of accepting the pain and discomfort of the ‘grind’ in endurance. 

Accepting the fact of endurance, and seeing it as a necessary part of life, is a very good way to start an awareness of endurance and exactly how much we endure.  I’m sure many of us would be surprised by exactly how much we endure in our life. 

I feel its good to be aware of the fact we endure and to watch how we endure.  It teaches a lot about ourselves and can help us to understand how to better endure in the future.  It also seems to help us go beyond ‘endurance’ and to not be trapped in its fact all the time.

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