Thoughts on the ‘base condition’

There is something I always call the ‘base condition’.  This is basically the condition of existence at its simplist.  What does the ‘base condition’ consist of?

Go somewhere quiet and sit.  Don’t think or do anything. 

This is the ‘base condition’.  This is the simplist condition a person is in, the most basic.  From this condition all other conditions and situations of life are built upon.  Like a foundation, it is the ground upon which all other experiences lie.  It’s for this reason, I think, that its good to sit and practice the ‘base condition’ from time to time.

Often I go and sit and be quiet, and blank my mind.  I do not think or intend to do anything.  I try to not feel any emotion either, and try to silence myself.  I try to forget any concerns, worries, interests, etc. that I may have.  I sit only and just be with myself. 

It does not have to be for long periods of time, but every so often.  And its good, I think, to do occasionally throughout the day.

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