Thoughts on the ‘yes men to the times’ – reacting to helplessness

Way back in the 90’s I began to speak of the ‘yes men to the times’.  These were guys who said ‘yes’ to everything, regardless of what it was.  It seemed to be a response to all the changes that were happening in the last few decades of the 20th century.  I could see that things were changing too fast.  Many guys couldn’t relate with it at all, nor change with it.  As a result, their solution was to say ‘yes’ to everything.  Any new things:  yes sir!   Any new invention:  yes sir!  Any new trend:  yes sir!

I new that what was behind all this was nothing but a helplessness in life.  All these guys, deep down, were helpless people, watching a world pass by them so fast they couldn’t keep up.  By saying ‘yes’ to everything they got the impression they were ‘in control’.  You see, by agreeing they felt they were in control.  By disagreeing, they acknowledged they were out of control.  No one wants to feel out of control.  Because of this, the ‘yes men to the times’ was nothing but a big deception they did on themselves.

But the greater story behind all this is that the incredible sense of helplessness going on nowadays.  It revealed a general feeling that we have no control over things, nor where we’re going.  No one, of course, wanted to admit to it though.  In fact, I don’t ever recall anyone mentioning a feeling of helplessness, but you saw references to it all the time.  In fact, I felt that helplessness was a silent disease that was infecting the modern world . . . the disease no one mentioned.

Many people who believe in the modern world would feel helplessness contradicts what the modern world was about and deny its existence (which I’ve seen).  Isn’t that what the modern world professed . . .  mankind’s domination of nature and control over his destiny?  But, interestingly, it was often they who revealed this feeling the most.  In reality, the modern world has taken the human being out of things in large part.  It’s no longer US but IT that does things.

During the cold war there was a lot of rebellion.  Much of this, really, seems to show the growing sense of helplessness.  But that was a time of when the helplessness was just beginning to be felt.  We didn’t feel totally helpless at that time.  Now, many decades later, it seems that helplessness has turned into a growing sense of resignation

I can see a sense of resignation in the male in particular.  This resignation, it seems to me, is destroying the male.  It’s made him a ‘nothing’.  Many males no longer feel the ‘fire’ of doing things they used to, it seems to me.  I can recall when males used to do things with passion.  Now, they seem to casually move along.  The ‘fire’ is no longer there like it used to be. 

A lot of this helplessness is toward a ‘thing’ that has no human face or name.  It’s just there.  We’re just ‘helpless’.  The conditions and reality of the modern world is so new, and changes so much, that we don’t quite know how to react to it.  This only makes us even more helpless.  In many ways, the modern world has created something similar to a ‘culture shock’ for many people, one which they are forced to face . . . and which seems to change every day, often making it hard to ‘get your bearings’.

A solution to all this:  be a ‘yes man to the times’ and agree with everything . . . everybody is doing it.  No matter what’s created, no matter what new things appears, no matter what change takes place . . . there’s nothing you can do about it, so just agree.  It’s an easy way out.

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