More thoughts on the ‘life gravity’

Some months ago I all of a sudden began to speak of what I called ‘life gravity’.  This refers to a fact where there is a “force” which moves life.  Normally, in biology, all the ‘living functions’ are looked at as if it were a machine, chemical reactions doing this and that.  There is also a common conception that behaviour and activity is motivated by instinct or reflex.  Intelligence has come in to make these functions more complicated.  This point of view sounds nice and dandy, but its shallow, mechanistic, and does not seem to be descriptive of life.  All it is is a point of view that fits mechanistic scientific thinking.  I, on the other hand, always felt there was a force, sort of like gravity, that moved life. 

Gravity is a force that’s constant and always there.  We live with this force all the time.  As far as I know no one can explain why masses attract each other, causing gravity.  In the same way, no one can explain why there is a force which moves life.  But yet we do not question it.  There it is in front of us to see:  everything falls.  We don’t need fancy ‘scientific proof’ to support it.  We don’t need measurements or figures to make it ‘believable’.  In the same way, the force of life (life gravity) does not need ‘scientific proof’ either.  There it is in front of you.  Do you not see the trees, the birds, the people?  Do you not see them move and live?   How can a person dispute life gravity as well?  Why would a person need measurements and figures to make it ‘believable’. 

The question, really, is not that it exists but how it exists.

The force of gravity

Now, gravity is a vector force.  There’s a mass that has a tendency to  be ‘attracted’ to another mass.  This creates a movement toward it.  This movement creates a force.  When there is something stopping this movement the force remains, causing weight.  This force and weight make up gravity.  In some ways, its like a magnetism, but something totally different from electrical magnetism.  It’s a unique force all its own.  It is a ‘mass-mass magnetism’.

The ‘force of ‘life gravity’

The ‘life gravity’, unlike gravity, is not a vector force.  It is not a mass moving toward another mass.  It seems to me that the ‘life gravity’ is life moving outward into the world.  By world I mean everything about us – existence. Therefore, ‘life gravity’ is like a ‘life-existence magnetism’.  The life gravity also has this quality as if ‘life’ is trying to absorb, or take in the world (or at least part of it).  This gives it another quality that could be described as a ‘life-existence absorption’.    


The question of the definition of ‘life’ is not easy to say.  Most certainly, there are things that cannot be considered ‘life’, such as rocks, water, air, etc.  They, at least as far as I know, make no movement toward the world nor try to absorb it.  They sit stagnate until something affects it.  This suggests that things that are not living are primarily reactive .  ‘Life’, on the other hand, is always moving toward existence in some way, from the single celled organism to the most complicated organism.  It can be reactive, like non living things, but it has the quality of creating its own action.  This quality, in a way, defines ‘life’.  This quality of creating its own action, without reacting to something, is a result of the ‘force’ of ‘life gravity’.

This ‘force’ of ‘life’ seems to have certain qualities:

–  ‘Life’ is always in ‘motion’, moving around in existence.  In that sense, it is needs to ‘experience’ existence and be in it. 

–  It is always ‘reaching out’ into existence in some way or another.  It’s like it needs to get its fingers into the world.

–  It needs to ‘take in’ the world.  This ‘taking in’ can mean ingesting food, sensations, reflecting, thinking, etc. 

I’ve always felt that, if evolution exists, this would reflect this ‘force’.  As to if evolution exists or not I cannot say.  I can understand animals changing abit but I’m skeptical of changing from a single celled organism to a complicated life form in some odd million years.  That seems a lot to me.

All this shows that ‘life’ is characterised as being in a continual participation with existence.  It does this to sustain itself, to keep it alive.  This shows that ‘life gravity’, though it is a force, requires matter to ‘live’‘Life gravity’, by itself, is not enough to make up ‘life’.  This shows that a ‘living thing’ is a force and matter in unison.

How and why this developed I cannot say.  Science, I think, cannot explain it.  Religion and philosophy give explanations that satisfy the ‘soul’ and ‘heart’, primarily, and do not necessarily describe what happened.  Truly the coming into being of a ‘living thing’ is a mystery.

‘Life’, by its actions, seems to do a number of things that seem as if progressive for the ‘living thing’:

–  Sustains.

–  Motivates.

–  Creates actions.

–  Creates awareness so it can act.

–  Creates a ‘world view’ for the ‘living thing’ to conceive of the world.

–  Creates a ‘mind’ to be able to live in this ‘world view’.

The movement of ‘life gravity’ leads up to the creation of the ‘mind’ (at least for more complicated creatures).

The mind

It seems that the ‘life gravity’ tends to lead up tot he creation of the mind.  This mind is greatly affected by the force-matter phenemena. 

The matter of the ‘living thing’ is its physical makeup.  This, primarily, is what biology and science look at.  It is like a machine as the body is made up of what can be described as ‘controlled chemical reactions’.  But, as I said above, there is the force as well that is left out.  Because the force is not matter it does not rest in matter but as if ‘transcends’ it.  This means that the force is beyond matter.  As a result, it is not necessarily connected to it.  In some sense, the force is as if on another ‘plane’ of existence, another reality.  This is also true with an object with gravity.  The force of gravity is beyond the object, and not within the object.  But when it is there it becomes as if ‘joined’ to the object.  Such is the nature of the force-matter relationship.  While a ‘living thing’ is alive the force of life gravity is as if joined to the matter of the ‘living thing’.  When the ‘living thing’ dies, they separate.

This means that the force of the life gravity is beyond the matter of the ‘living thing’.  This creates, so to speak, two realities:  a ‘matter reality’ and a ‘force reality’.  Both are legitimate and real. 

The mind seems to be above matter.  It does not behave like matter, which is really stagnate and reactive and somewhat like a machine.  The mind does not behave like this in any way.  As a result, it cannot be considered as matter nor in behaving like matter.  It seems that the mind is a force, as it behaves differently and seems to transcend matter.  It reflects the force of life gravity.

This concept of the ‘mind as a force’ and independant of matter is hard to understand.  This does not mean that the mind is as if hanging in space.  This is to misunderstand this force completely.  The force, as I said, is like another reality in relation to matter.  The mind cannot be looked at as if it is matter, as if often done.  It is something totally different.

But, being a ‘living thing’, the mind is rooted in the force and matter.  As a result, the mind is rooted in the brain but extends into the force.  Like a tree, it has roots in the physical brain, and its functioning, but its leaves extend into existence.  In between, at the trunk, is the mind.  This means the mind is both within the brain and without it.  Great damage can happen to the brain and yet the ‘mind’ remains, though somewhat affected by the damage, in the same way a tree can have damage to its roots and still survive.  

This, I feel, is part of the mystery of the brains functioning.  The answer, really, is that the ‘mind’ is not all within the brain but without it as well, within the force of ‘living gravity’.

The energy

It also seems as if the ‘life gravity’ is a force that surrounds ‘living things’.  It seems, in many ways, to envolope ‘living things’.  This suggests that there is more to the ‘force’ than force in ‘life gravity’.  This is because it seems more like an ‘energy’.  It is like an ember, in a way, glowing with energy.  It sits stagnate but contains a ‘force’ of sorts.  This stagnate force is ‘energy’.  Much like a battery it sits energy sits waiting to be expended.  This ‘energy’ seems to surround the living thing.  By this I mean that it is not contained in the physical attributes of the living thing but goes beyond it.   

A person could very well say that ‘life’ is contained in its ‘energy’.  To say that it is contained only in its physical manifestation only seems narrow to me but yet this is often how its perceived.

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