Thoughts on the ‘Eternal Reiteration’- The ‘Revolving Self’

Life, it seems, is nothing but a reiteration of the same themes.  It goes on endlessly.  As a result, I call it the ‘eternal reiteration’.   Each day is another reiteration of the same thing.  Too many times we get caught up in ‘new’ things and yearn for a change.  Most certainly there is A truth in this.  But, nowadays, we yearn for it too much.  It seems to me that, in many ways, life is felt the most deeply in the ‘eternal reiteration’.

Often, as I write, I am continually struck how I often seem to be writing the same thing in different ways.  Sometimes, I wonder if I’m repeating myself.  In many ways I am.  Not only that, what I write is a reiteration, really, of what was said a 100 years ago, 500 years ago, a 1000 years ago.  Despite what it may seem, most everything is the same, just stated differently or looked at differently.

Every day, really, is the same:  get up, eat, go do something, etc.  It’s been this way since as far as I can remember . . . an endless reiteration.  The conflicts I’m in now are really no different than they were 20 or more years ago.  We all yearn for something too, though its different from before, but yet it is a yearning none the less.  Endless reiteration, just some variation here and there.

We often get wound up in the suttleties of things, I think, which give the illusion that things are different.  They often are not.  Seldom are things THAT different.  What happens today, what I feel, do, act, etc. is really a reiteration of what I did years ago.

But if life is a reiteration then wouldn’t there be a sameness?  And if life is a reiteration then how does one grow?  Wouldn’t we stagnate?

To me, the important thing with the ‘eternal reiteration’ is what I call the ‘Revolving Self’.  This means that our self is continually changing, revolving like a big wheel, showing different aspects of itself.  There are many aspects of our self that need discovering.  The self is never fully discovered.  Because of this, the ‘revolving self’ sees the ‘eternal reiteration’ from continually different angles and viewpoints.  This fact gives the self ability to change and grow.  But it gives the illusion of change.  In reality, the ‘eternal reiteration’ is just experiencing the same themes with different aspects of our self.

What this means is that embracing the ‘eternal reiteration’ helps develop the self and lets it grow.  Whereas seeking new things all the time actually hinders the self and its growth.

Standing back, its amazing how little there is in life, as the ‘eternal reiteration’ shows.  Endless sameness . . . but the different selves give it such life, such versatility, and such growth.

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