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Thoughts on the totality of experiencing

I’ve always wondered about the totality of experiencing.   What I mean by this is what is all the ‘constituents’ that make up our experiencing life?  What does it consist of, exactly?  Personally, I don’t think that is easy to explain … Continue reading

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Thoughts on stress – the problem with the power of ‘idea’

While talking with someone the other day we got on the subject of stress.  I described it this way: “If you are walking along a trail and a tiger comes out of the bushes you will be alarmed.  Your muscles … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the nature of power

Power has always been an enigma to me.  It always seemed strange and peculiar.  There never seemed to be a good explanation of it either.  The explanations I have heard seem very shallow and simplistic.  Power seems to work independently … Continue reading

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Thoughts on being an adult

I have always felt that one of the things that makes a person an adult is the accepting of the ‘pain of life’.  If a person avoids or neglects this pain they never, really, become an adult.  In that sense, accepting … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a concern about childrens play

Years ago I wanted to be a psychoanalyst.  I became particularly fascinated with childrens play.  I always loved to play with kids and still do!  Because of this I wanted to be a child psychoanalyst.  Because of this I watched … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the growth of tissues in embryology

Embryology has always fascinated me.  I’m particularly fascinated with the growth of tissues and how they develop into the shapes and forms they do.  What do I mean by this?  When something grows the cells of the tissues have to divide … Continue reading

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A dream about my dog

I dreamt I was somewhere, I think in the woods.  I was with some people.  It was weird in that I was there in the woods but it would then change as if I was looking at it through a … Continue reading

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