A dream about missing vertebrae

I dreamt that something happened to someone I knew.  I’m not sure if it was an accident or what.  Basically, he was missing a number of cervical vertabrae.  I, apparently, went to the hospital there and saw him.  He was raised vertical and had, I think, these pins in his head to hold it upright.  This is because of his missing vertabrae.  Otherwise, it would squash his spinal cord or bend it out of shape.  I’m not sure but I was somehow able to see his spine and could see that he was missing several vertabrae at two areas of his neck.  When I woke up I feared that I might get in an accident and hurt my neck.

(At first this dream baffled me but once I reflected on it the meaning became quite clear.  The whole dream revolves around the idea of a ‘people’ and how I have always yearned to be part of a people.  Lately, I have been feeling I will never know this.  The theme of the vertebrae or, really, the neck, revolve around my bad posture.  Ever since grade school I have always stuck my head down and forward.  I’ve never had good posture.  Its always been a problem for me.  People used to make fun of me for it.  While in Denmark, I noticed many boys who had worst posture than me.  I also heard of many guys who had bad posture in Denmark, such as Soren Kierkegaard, possibly Hans Christian Andersen, and several kings.  It made me wonder if it could be a hereditary thing.  This is particularly significant as I am descended from the Danish.  I also thought I looked somewhat Danish while there.  I also felt a strong sense of belonging there.  I felt a sense of a ‘people’ there.  Here is the connection:  vertebrae-bad posture-bad posture in Denmark-the Danish people-my association with the Danes-sense of a ‘people’.  The vertabrae then refer to a sense of a ‘people’.  Missing vertebrae is a reference to the feeling that I am not a part of a ‘people’ and my worries I will never be a part of a ‘people’.)

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