How is the ‘war on terror’ supposed to end? – the ‘hunt for the phantom enemy’

I’ve always wondered how the ‘war on terror’ supposed to end. 

Will there be a ‘peace treaty’?  Who will sign it?

Will someone be overthrown?  Who is that exactly?

Will a country be taken over?  Which country?

When will this ridiculous ‘war on terror’ end?  It seems to me that the ‘war on terror’ will never end because we are not fighting a ‘someone’, a ‘people’, or a ‘country’.  We’re fighting a behavour, an act certain people do.  That’s not unlike trying to grab smoke and trying to tie it into a knot. 

The whole principle of armed conflict is based in the idea that there is a ‘someone’, a ‘people’, or a ‘country’ to overthrow.  In the ‘war on terror’ there is no one to overthrow.

How, then, will it end?

This situation we’ve seen before, and in all cases that I’m aware of they all continued on and on and on and on for years, even hundreds of years.  Basically, what brought these to end is that a new era or a person, with different perspectives, saw no use in it and ended it.  These examples come to mind:

  • The witch hunts.  Ended, really, by the influence of new ideas coming from the 1700’s era.
  • The inquisition.  Ended, really, by the influence of the Protestant Reformation.
  • The Soviet spy hysteria.  Ended, really, by the death of Stalin. 

These were all ‘hunts’ for ‘threats’.  In all cases, when the ‘hunts’ ended it turned out there were really no threats at all.  Not only that, in all cases thousands of innocent people were accused, incarcerated, tortured, and/or executed in the name of the ’cause’ of the ‘hunt’.  People were “found” guilty that weren’t.  Many innocent people went through “legal” trials and were found guilty. All this shows is that it was all an illusion created by the mentality and points of view of the people who controlled the ‘hunt’.  What they were hunting was an imagined threat by a ‘phantom enemy’.  This is why I speak of this as the ‘hunt for the phantom enemy’.

And so the question remains:  How is the ‘war on terror’ supposed to end? 

Like the previous hunts, it cannot end because we are fighting a ‘phantom enemy’, an enemy that may or may not exist, a threat that may or may not happen.  Because of this it will go on and on and on.  Historically, it seems, the only way to end the ‘hunt for the phantom enemy’ is for either a new era or a person, with a different point of view, to come and say “enough of this”.

I was hoping, 10 years after 9-11, that this would of  happened by now, but it hasn’t.  What I feared has happened.  They’ve just found ways to propogate it and continue it. 

As with all the ‘hunts’, we have people whose whole job function is to find ‘threats’ . . . so what do you think they will find? 

As with all the ‘hunts’ there has become a philosophy and point of view developed to justify everything they do.  Do you think they will accept a point of view that contradicts this?

As with all the ‘hunts’ there is a feeling that the ‘hunt’ defends their pride (religious, nationalistic, or otherwise).  Do you think they are willing to forsake that?

As with all the ‘hunts’ there is a sense that it must be carried out to show the ‘world’ that they are competent.  Do you think they are going to end it and lose that?

As with all the ‘hunts’ it has been somewhat justified and supported by a portion of the general population.  Do you think that’s just going to be disregarded?

As with all the ‘hunts’ they see this as an ongoing process that is not completed (which it never can).  Do you think they are going to forget that?

Yes, I don’t see it ending soon, at least from what I see.  It probably won’t end til we get new people in the government with different points of view. 

Another sign of why this will go on and on is how many people opposed all this in the U.S. and were basically ignored by the government.  Thousands demonstrated.  Thousand criticized.  It was all to no avail.  This shows that the government is working “alone”, so to speak, independent of what the population feels.  This “aloneness” shows that it is working on its own agendas and points of views.  In effect, it has developed an independent ‘life of its own’.  This means its living in its own little world.

That’s not a good sign.

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