Some thoughts on why I consider the U.S. a fallen country – denying its own people

The other day I made one of those statements that seemed to come out of nowhere but describes how I feel about things, often very bluntly, as in this case.  Basically, I said that “I consider the U.S. a fallen country”.  Here are the reasons why:

In the late 80’s I tried to join the U.S. Army.  I was permamently disqualified for an illness I didn’t even have, just because they ‘suspected’ it.  In the several years before and after this event I noticed that not one white American male that I knew was ever accepted into the military.  We were all disqualilified or not accepted for this or that reason.  During this same period of time every female or minority that I knew was accepted into the military.  Not one was turned down!  To make matters worse, quite a few were accepted that had qualities some of us white American males were turned down for (such as low scores, overweight, health issues, etc.).  I’ve had numerous conversations with guys about this.  I was not the only one who noticed this.  We were all sort of mystified by it all.

Some time in the early or mid 90’s I heard a representative of the U.S. Army admit that they were favoring females and minorities and that it was ‘harder’ for the white American male to get accepted (I remembered being stunned by this, as he talked as if it was OK).  Since then I’ve heard other things to support this.

What this did to me is sort of devastate me.  Even now, over 20 years later, this subject causes deep harsh feelings within me (just thinking about it makes me mad).  My own country denied me because I was part of the people – white American male – who founded and built this place! 

That is unacceptable! 

Since then I will not support the U.S. military in any way.  Why should I?  It denied me and a lot of other people.  I saw this same scenario played out in other areas as well – schooling, jobs, benefits, etc.  Everywhere I turn I see examples of it.  I’ve talked with many guys since then discussing this problem.  In general, we all  felt powerless, as if there was nothing we could do, as if our country won’t help us.  It was as if our own country was turning away from us, we who built this place. 

That is unacceptable!

My feelings are that when a country turns away its own people then that country has fallen.  When a country doesn’t support its own people then it has failed in being a country.  Not only that, a country that denies its own people doesn’t deserve any respect.  That is what the U.S. has become.

When I say its ‘own people’ I primarily mean the people who founded, created, and built the place.  For a country to turn down its ‘own people’ is like me being turned away by my own family just because I’m part of the family.  There are times when I think this reflects American anti-family values, as this is an anti-family point of view, in my opinion.

People should not be given special privelage because they are not a part of this group.  Also, none of its ‘own people’ should ever be denied who is qualified to do something, especially for someone who isn’t qualified.  And, like the military, they shouldn’t make up reasons to disqualify or deny them.  These ‘false justification’, I think, is one of the things that is most insulting, making me out as incompetent when I wasn’t, just so a female or minority can get favor.  That’s basically being lied to. 

These are all unacceptable!

When a country has reached that point it has fallen in my opinion.

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