A dream about my dog

I dreamt I was somewhere, I think in the woods.  I was with some people.  It was weird in that I was there in the woods but it would then change as if I was looking at it through a TV screen.  When watching it through the screen I had this joystick or some other gadget that allowed me to as if move in the ‘virtual space’ of the  TV screen.  Unfortunately, it could only go so far into that space, then you couldn’t go any further.  I went into an area surrounded by trees and that was as far as it could go.  There was a lot of people there.  Things happened and I noticed my dog was there.  I looked at him and noticed his gray hairs (as he was a black lab).  I reached down to pet him.  I did some things, talked to people, and so on and kept noticing my dog.  I kept looking at him and felt such a feeling of love toward him.  I reached down, petted him, and gave him a hug.  In the end, I spent all my time with my dog.  While this was going on around me there were people all around me.  Many seemed to be relatives.  It was as if we were at a ‘get together’ or something.  Still, I sat and petted my dog.  I felt so much love for my dog.  I woke up and had this desire to go pet my dog.  I lifted my head off the pillow and realized that I couldn’t pet my dog as he died 30 years ago!

(This dream revolves around contemplation and the ‘yearning’.  I know that it is contemplation because of the dual sense of being in the woods and also that I was watching a TV program.  This reflects my ‘normal self’ and my ‘contemplative self’.  The ability to travel in ‘virtual space’ reflects the act of contemplation as that is when my ‘contemplative self’ is experiencing things.  The people all around me, that I first experience, reflects all the different aspects of myself.  Often, in a dream, I find that contemplation is reflected by a sense of ‘going into another world’ or a ‘splitting of selves’ (that is, a display of two realities) and also a sense that there are other people or ‘beings’ about me (the other aspects of my self).  My dog represents the yearning, the longing for life.  As a child, I had a great love for my dog.  Perhaps, in a way, it was one of the most purist I’ve had as it was in the innocence of youth, it was toward something living, and it was never ‘hurt’ in any way.  In that sense, my dog represents a truer yearning that I am now beginning to discover.  This is why I spent so much time with him.  Later, when I was with my dog, the scene changed and all the people about me were as if at a ‘get together’.  The ‘get together’ represents all the myriad things or happenings in life.  As I sat and petted my dog these happenings went on about me.  This shows that, in the midst of life, the ‘yearning’ is becoming a dominate thing in my life, and that the happenings in life are taking a ‘back seat’ to it.  My waking up thinking that my dog is still alive does not mean that I wish or thought he were still alive.  What it shows is that this dream is about the passion of the ‘yearning’ that was reflective through my dog.  It was the ‘yearning’ that was real but, because it was about my dog, this made it seem as if my dog were ‘real’.  In effect, all in all, this dream shows that, through contemplation, a deeper and more pure form of the ‘yearning’ is being felt by me.  It also shows that is becoming a dominate force.)

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