Thoughts on the stages of acceptance of the modern world – the ‘modern world cycle’

It seems to me that there are stages to the acceptance to the modern world.  I can see it in the population itself.  It seems to go something like:

  1. The ‘shock phase’.  Here people are ‘shocked’ by it typically.  This can lead to fear, apprehension, confusion, denial, and such.
  2. The ‘fascination phase’.  Here there tends to be a sense of fascination of it.  People are dazzled by it and think its great.
  3. The ‘usefulness phase’.  Here people find uses for it and apply it.
  4. The ‘disillusionment phase’.  This is when people start to find out that it isn’t what it seems.  They also find out its destructive qualities.
  5. The ‘turning away phase’.  This is where people sort of ‘turn away’ from it.  What I mean by this is that they do not cater to it or believe in it.  In some respects, they ignore it.

In American society there are groups of people that reflect the different stages. 

  • White American male – Since the white American male created and developed the modern world they are the farthest progressed in it.  Many white American males are going into the ‘disillusionment’ and ‘turning away phase’, I’ve found.  Most are not aware of this.  Even I am in this phase.  As a child and adolescent I was in the ‘fascination’ and ‘usefullness’ stages but as time went on I progressed down the phases.
  • White American female – They followed the white American male.  Many seem in the ‘fascination’ and ‘usefullness’ stages (what many of us white American males were 30 years ago). 
  • Minorities – They can range from the ‘shock’ to ‘usefullness’ phases, depending on their situation.  Most, it seems to me, tend to be in the beginning phases.

I’m starting to see a lot of people, mainly white American males, who have begun to ‘turn away’ from the modern world.  Many seem disinterested in it, as if the modern world no longer has anything to offer.  I’ve been stunned how many guys seem disinterested in making money or ‘success’, which has been made such a big deal of.  In fact, it seems to me that the white American male is going through the ‘modern world cycle’.  In other words, its like they have been shocked, fascinated, used, disillusioned, and turned away from the modern world.  Many times I have said that the white American male, in general, is in a crisis because he has gone through the whole cycle and doesn’t know where to go now.  When one has gone through the ‘modern world cycle’ what is there left to do?  This is the dilemma.  Even I am in this dilemma.  Many times I’ll hear of a new this or that and I go, “yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s just a new thing to add to the collection, been there, done that – whoopidado!”. 

Where does one go after the ‘modern world cycle’ has been completed? 

In many ways many of us are looking for a new ‘era’, a new ‘something’ to come.  We’re waiting.  I’ve mentioned this many times.  Because of the waiting we are sitting somewhat stagnant.  It creates, in many of us, a sense of uselessness and pointlessness in our lives.  We seem to have no use or place. 

But we must remember that all this shows that the ‘modern world cycle’ shows that the modern world is not this great thing we “initially” think it is.  It shows that it is actually limited in its scope.  Otherwise, there would not be a cycle of progression. 

There is life beyond the modern world and, for many of us, we are now looking for it. 

I know I am. 

I should point out that ‘turning away’ does not mean that you have ‘left it behind’ completely.  What it means is that you no longer worship it like its some sort of god, or look at it as the ‘answer’, or see as a great power.  It is, to be frank, just another thing in life.  ‘Turning away’ means that it no longer has real meaning.  As a result, you tend to not follow it, cater to it, or think its a great thing. 

At this time, though, there is nothing (at least that I can see) that replaces it.  There is no new belief, no new ‘thing’ that has meaning.  It seems to me that now we are in a crisis.  In some sense, we are in a post modern world, though we don’t realize it yet.  The belief in the modern world has faded and we are needing a new ‘thing’ to give meaning.  Many of us white American males, I think, are waiting for this (though few realize it).  We sit . . . waiting.

But I see problems with the coming of this new ‘thing’.  These include:

  • The modern world has too much control and it dictates too many things.  In order for a new ‘thing’ to appear the modern world must loose some of its hold
  • The modern world has already undermined culture and human society.  What we are ‘waiting’ for is some new belief but belief is rooted in the culture and society the modern world has undermined.
  • The modern world has appeared with such a ‘bang’ that few can see any other way.  There will be resistence to a ‘new’ belief.
  • This new ‘thing’ will have to effect all the other people in the earlier stages of the ‘modern world cycle’, of which there will be many.  This wall cause resistence.
  • This new ‘thing’ will have to use the modern world as a means to develop its foothold.

At this time, I see no new ‘thing’ appearing or any hint of anything appearing.  I’ve noticed that many of these people will often follow temporary ‘petty beliefs’.  That is, they will believe in little trends (like aliens) or something else as if to fill the ‘belief void’. 

But the fact is that many of us sit waiting for something ‘new’ to appear . . .

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