A dream about going to Law School

I dreamt that I was in a room.  It resembled the room where I had my first drafting class in College.  For some reason my dad was there.  I told him that I had been accepted to a Law School.  It had a special name but I can’t recall it.  After I told him I realized that I was not at all serious about it.  I began to wonder why I even applied.  I then recalled that I had applied as if to ‘see what happens’, almost for fun.  A little later someone gave me a package that was from the Law School.  In it was a cloth which had the coat of arms of the Law School on it.  There were also all the papers in there telling me I was admitted.  I then realized that this was serious and not a joke, as I didn’t want to go there.

(This dream mystified me.  My first thought was that I never had any desire to go to Law School.  Obviously, Law School represented something else.  As I said, this all took place in a room where I had my first drafting class in College.  This was the room where I was introduced to the ‘working world’ as a reality.  In other words, it’s a  representation of the ‘reality of life’.  It specifies the change from ‘illusion of life’ to ‘reality of life’, which hits many of us as we hit the late teens, as I was then (though that was 20 something years ago).  The Law School probably originates from the fact that, some weeks ago I bought, for 50 cents, the ‘Criminal and Traffic Laws of the State of Utah, 2010’.  I wanted to take a look at how it was written and the ‘logic’ that was in it.  Looking at it I was impressed by the ‘common sense’ of it (which is not uncommon with law).  I am also aware that a lot of the weird ridiculous nonsensical stuff of law is in its interpretation and application.  So we see this theme:  looks good on paper/gets distorted when applied.  Here we see multiple themes that refer to things going from one extreme to the other (illusion to reality and common sense to not making sense).  This, in effect, is a reference to themes of reconciling contrary elements and opposite qualities in life.  This dream is referring to this dilemma in me, which is in fact taking place.  The seriousness of this issue is shown by a number of things it referred to:  the room where my introduction to the reality of the working world took place, the reality of the responsibility of going to a school I was admitted to, my dads presence, and the coat of arms (representing authority to me).)

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