A dream about going to a self-help group on a spaceship

I dreamt that someone asked me if I’d like to go to some sort of a self-help group over the weekend.  I decided to as it would be something ‘different’.  It seems they told us to pack with one pair of clothes and that we had to take a shower and eat 2 hours before we left.  I then remember being in a room with someone.  It occurred to me that I had no idea when we were leaving.  No one told me.  I asked and they didn’t know.  I asked how I was supposed to take a shower and eat 2 hours before I left when I had no idea when we were leaving.  They just shrugged their shoulders.  I also didn’t know how long it was going to last.  What if it went into next week?  I have to work.  They didn’t know.  Then, shortly after, the guy who asked me to go came and told me we were leaving.  I grabbed my gym bag, which had only a single change of clothes in it, and followed him.  I was worried that I needed more but, basically, shrugged my shoulders.  We walked up this road and all the cars were as if stopped in traffic, two or three lanes.  I looked and no one seemed to be in the cars.  There was this sense that everyone was trying to escape earth and the traffic got so bad they just abandoned their cars and left.  I could see people going along the same road we were.  Then I discovered we were going into a spaceship.  I don’t remember the details but I was admitted into the spaceship and given a key to my room.  We went into a hallway and walked down it.  I was with someone and we got in a circular elevator . . . I don’t know to where.  One of the people I was with came into the hallway.  I was going to stop the elevator but the door closed too quickly.  Then I was on a floor, I guess, with all the rooms.  Everything was whitish . . . the walls, the floor.  It was like we were in the open as you could see the sky.  We went into my room, which was quite spacious and put the gym bag on the bed.  Apparently I went walking around alone as I ended up getting lost.  I kept walking into other people’s room and couldn’t find mine.  I ended up walking all over.  In several places, they had like little streams alongside the walkways, which I thought was weird.  I remember walking around and looking up in the sky.  It was full of hundreds of spaceships.  It made me wonder if there was an exodus from earth . . . but I was unaware of it, I don’t know why as I saw no problems.  It was like I found myself in a situation I was totally unaware of.  As I wandered, I found myself walking in one of the streams for some reason.  It was a dried up stream, with no water.  I recall hearing someone saying to someone, “look at that guy in the stream”.

(This dream mystified me.  It seemed almost like a movie to me, which I thought was strange for a dream.  The first thing that came to me was the ‘self-help’ thing.  This originates from when my friend, in the late 80’s, used to invite me to go to all these self-help seminars.  This was when I was studying psychology.  It was at these seminars that I first realized how empty and lost people were.  I was struck by it.  No doubt the dream of someone asking me to go refers to this.  In fact, the whole dream is based about this: my feeling of being lost in the modern world.  This is hinted at when I had no idea what was going on and questioning everything:  when where we going to leave, did I bring enough, how long was it going to take, and such.  The street filled with cars refer to traffic problems I’ve been seeing lately.  In the past weeks the traffic has been horrible, road construction everywhere, streets backed up.  Even getting here, to the library to write this, was a nightmare.  I’ve found myself struggling with getting irate and ‘pissed off’ recently.  This shows a feeling of being ‘strangled’ by the modern world.  The ‘escape from earth’ is no doubt my desire to escape from the strangulation of the modern world.  My having to leave one of our group because the elevator door closed refers to how things seem incomplete or that a part of me feels removed as a result of living in the modern world.  My getting lost shows my general confusion of living in society.  Looking up and seeing all the ships refer to how strong an impulse this is in me: the desire to get away.  The streams refer to one of the greatest things I love to do:  sitting next to a stream.  There I can relax, contemplate, think, be in a natural setting, and be someone.  In a way, it refers to when I can get away from humanities ‘rat race’.  My walking in the dry stream refers to how I’m struggling with getting away from the modern world and how it isn’t working all that well, as there’s no water in it.  All in all, this dream refers to a struggle that has defined a lot of my adulthood:  being strangled by the modern world and my desire to leave it.  A big part of my life is trying to escape the modern world:  all its stuff, its ruckus, its noise, its circus.  I’ve always said, since the 90’s, that my going into the woods is critical for me, it keeps me sane.  If I had to live in the modern world all the time, I’d go out of my mind.  This is why I have become so pitted against the modern world.  I can see its ‘inhumanness’, its sickness, and its disease.  I’ve been fighting it for decades.  To me, being able to live away from all this is a dream, one I hope one day to achieve.)

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