More thoughts on the myth of democracy – the stagnating of political interpretation

I saw this book the other day which mentions how all these wars, rebellions, and that nowadays are being fought for democracy, so that people can vote, basically . . . as if that’s going to solve all the worlds problems. 

This is upsurd to me. 

I think history will show that democracy is a myth and something that really never worked.  I’m not the only person to say this.  It seems that when many people speak of democracy they are really speaking of another condition, one which their point of view and outlook cannot delineate.  Basically, this is because people are limited to certain ways of interpreting things, based on their culture, beliefs, and history.  In so doing, they restrict their ‘scope of vision’, so to speak.  This is what Western society has done.  Western society has become EXTREMELY biased in political interpretation.  This makes, at least to me, any political point of view from anyone in Western society questionable.  You see, I already know what they are going to say . . . 

It seems to me that Western society has dug itself into a hole in regard to political interpretation, a hole of ‘democracy’, with all its ideas of tyranny, oppression, and such.    

I have told people repetitively, and I believe this is true, that there is more to government, there’s more to society, there’s more to rebellions, there’s more to conflicts, than democracy can explain, no less solve.  The whole democratic idea is based in the idea that if a government isn’t democratic then it will exploit the people and this causes problems.  The only solution is to have ‘people rule’.  But how do the ‘people rule’, exactly?  By voting, apparently. 

What a narrow way of looking at things, particularly as complicated as society and politics.  Democracy, to me, seems . . . narrow minded.

The problem is that history shows democracy does not hold the exclusive rights to ‘good’ government. Democracy isn’t the only form of government that supports the people and country.  It isn’t the only form of society to make concern for the ‘people’ an ideal either.  If you take a look at the world, and history, you’ll find otherwise, in almost every land. 

I’ve often felt that the benefit of so-called democratic societies is not democracy, or politics in general.  It’s actually industrialization and consumerism.  In Western society, they tend to mistake one for the other.  Industrialization and consumerism is what keeps the ‘people’ happy, not that they can vote or are ‘free’.  It seems that there is something of a coincidence in that industrialization and consumerism came to countries that were developing democratic-like ideas at about the same time.  I’m sure people would argue that there is a relation, but I don’t think there is that much of a relation.  A lot of other countries created “smaller” forms of industrialization and consumerism all through history, and with similar effects, and they didn’t have the ‘democratic idea’. 

All in all, I think democracy is over-rated and it has become something like a ‘catch-all’ term for anything ‘good’ that happens in a society.  Because of this, there have developed all sorts of myths about it, as to what it is and what it consists of.  In a way, the term has developed a ‘life of its own’ over the past 50 years.  Because of this there are many interpretations as to what it means.  Even as I’ve talked to people over the years, I’ve found everyone has their own ‘version’ of what it means.  There’s as many versions of what it means as there are interpretations of the Bible, it seems.  This is proof, to me, that democracy is an illusion. 

Because of this I believe we should be cautious whenever we hear the term.  Not only, that we should start looking at new explanations.  The fact is this:

We are in a new era.  We need new interpretations to fit the times.

So far, I’ve not seen any new interpretation for politics, economy, or society in general.  I’ve attempted to develop new explanations and interpretations but, overall, I am dissatisfied with them.  I seem to think that the era is so new and is so different that we simply DO NOT know how to interpret it correctly.  It’s like we are in a whole new world of inquiry, a new field of study.  Much like biology, it’s as if we are looking in our microscopes at cells for the first time and can’t explain what this or that’s for.

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