A dream about finding building plans in an abondoned building

I dreamt that I was with someone and we went in an area of town where there were abondoned buildings.  We were wandering around in the buildings (almost like we were kids).  We went in a large room that had things scattered about the place (as you see in abandoned buildings).  I noticed that this included some papers.  When I looked I noticed that some of the papers were plans of buildings.  I then noticed that there were whole plans rolled up as well, several being quite thick.  I got all excited and wanted to take them home and look at them, as I love to look at plans.  For some odd reason, I never looked at them, but we looked around the place, and I remember that we talked.  I have no idea what we talked about though.  I kept thinking that I should start collecting the plans and putting them in my car but, for some reason, I never did.  As we sat and talked some older guys came in and talked to us.  They seemed very official and important.  One of them noticed the rolls of plans and said that they should take them.  Secretly, I was infuriated and was mad that I did not take them out to my car.  Now I won’t be able to look at them.

(I should point out that I am a draftsman, for almost 20 years.  Since the mid 70’s I have been fascinated by plans and love to look at them.  To look at a full set of plans of something like a building (with architectural, structural, mechanical, piping, etc.) is quite a treat for me.  It’s also a rare event.  It’s also based on an event as I found plans in a  an abondoned railroad car once.  That was a big event for me.

I tend to feel that there is a close association between my interest in plans and my interest in contemplation, thinking, and ‘looking into’ things.  It shows a fascination, really, of looking what’s “inside” things, what’s under the surface and not immediately observable.  In a way, this has a defining impact on my life.  This dream reflects that quality.  But it also reflects a frustration with it.  To begin with, I never looked at the plans.  Then the frustration climaxes with the guys coming in and taking them.  I tend to feel that this reflects a new sense that is coming to me recently.  When I was younger the little details of things fascinated me.  As I grow older I’m finding the details don’t really interest me as much.  Now it seems that a general awareness is everything, not the this’s and the that’s.  Because of this, the dream seems to refer to the sense of ‘turning away’ from what I used to do.  It seems to show that I am looking at things from a new angle, a more overall and general perspective.  It shows the new direction I am taking, almost as if to say:  “a new phase is beginning”.)

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