A dream about taking care of a dog

I dreamt that I was taking care of my brothers dog.  I had him at my house and was playing with him, almost like a kid.  I almost seemed to talk to him too.  And then I decided we would drive around for fun, so we drove around the neighborhood.  The idea came to me to go to his house where his dog run was.  I let him go in his dog run which was between the house and the neighbors house.  The space between the houses seemed sort of narrow, maybe 6 feet or so.  Some things happened and, somehow, I found that the dog didn’t want to go back to my house but stay at his (almost as if he told me!).  This dissapointed me and made me feel sad, as if he was saying he didn’t like me.  It made me sort of downcast.  Some other things happened and, oddly, I found that my room was in the house next door, right next to his dog run, which I thought was strange. 

(This dream made me wake up.  It wasn’t a nightmare but involves a theme that has been bothering me recently.  In the past few months I have been feel “detached” from myself, as if I’m not ‘together’.  I seem unable to think or do anything much.  I feel different.  Things that interested me before don’t anymore.  It’s like I’ve changed, but I’m not sure into what though.  Perhaps, that is what worries me . . . what have I become?  This describes a ‘dilemma of self’, so to speak.  The dog represents that new self, which I do not know.  Me, in the dream, is my old self.  My wanting to go driving about and go to the dog run shows that, deep down, my old self is wanting to become the new self.  But the new self is going in a direction that my old self is unaware of or has no inclinations to go.  In the dream this is represented by the dog wanting to stay at its home and my being disappointed by this.  My discovering that my bedroom is beside the dog run shows that, in reality, I was already where the new self was but my old self didn’t really know it yet.  In effect, this dream describes a self-realization, of a growth.  To grow means to change.  That is, to change selfs and to become a new self.  This dream shows a process of the change of selfs, from old to new.  It shows how a part of us is often going in a direction we are not aware of and it takes our normal self time to ‘catch up’.)

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