On how a different point of view changed the whole context of an advertisement

Some time ago I saw an event that is similar to events I have seen many times before.  In this case, I was with someone looking at an advertisement in a magazine.  The advertisement showed two “minorities” (a black lady and an oriental man) sitting at a table looking at a computer.  There was a “white” man standing and pointing to the computer as if instructing them on the details of it and how to use it.

The person I was with, a “minority”, made a remark: “notice that its the white guy telling the other people what to do?”  By this he meant that it was sort of a ‘white people hovering over minorities’ type of thing, hinting at oppression, degradation, exploitation, and all that.   

To me, this line of thought has gotten old.  Latter, as I thought about it, I said: “That’s nice Cold War and Civil Rights thinking, but that was decades ago.  We’re not living in that world anymore, of paranoia and thinking everything is a conspiracy”.  I looked at it differently.

Because I have moved beyond the narrow Cold War and Civil Rights thinking I do not automatically assume malicious intent in things.  As a result, I saw it differently.  To me, the advertisement was an accurate portrayal of things.  Why is this?  Because modern society was not created by the “minorities” but by ‘white European’ people.  To have a “minority” teaching a ‘white’ person about the modern world is like having a black girl teach an English girl how to have tea or a “non-oriental” teaching an “oriental” Kung Fu.  It seems out-of-place.

What’s wrong with that?

But, if you are stuck in the Cold War era, when everything is paranoia-based, then you have only one interpretation, the monotonous American droll that we’ve been hearing for the past half century:  everything is hatred, malicious intent, oppression, degradation, blah, blah, blah!

It’s my opinion that its time to start looking at things in a different way and to quit that point of view and to cease interpretating things in that old narrow Cold War way.  It’s time to quit being paranoid about everything.  It’s time to quit seeing hate in everything.  It’s time to quit seeing oppression in everything.  And so on and so on. 

When a person quits looking at things in that old narrow Cold War way there is a tendency to cease seeing it that way!  This allows for a new perspective in things, with a whole new point of view.  When this happens many of us will see that things were never as bad as we made it out as.

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One Response to On how a different point of view changed the whole context of an advertisement

  1. I totally agree with you that people need to move on instead of looking for continued reconciliation for previous social injustice. The mentality of people has changed from the cold war era. We view people as just people, not based off skin or other things. The media and sometimes minorities themselves like in your post like to inject situations with racism when it has no place. Like you said, people need to be practical with situations and not forfeit sensibility with sensitivity to race.

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