Thoughts on the ‘WAM envy’ – a success story turned bad

The other day I made a joke about what I called ‘WAM envy’.   At first it was meant to be something silly, like a joke, but, after a while, it seemed to lead into some interesting things.  The more I reflected on it the more interesting it got and the more important it seemed to be.  Here are how my thoughts went:


What is ‘WAM envy’?  It is the envy of the White American Male.  Where this originated from is my continual observation of how everyone is trying to be like the White American Male in this country and try to have what he has . . . and when they dont’ get it, they criticize us for it.  For years I’ve sat and watched this, often perplexed by it.  In fact, I’ve often been insulted by it many times.   In many ways, you could say that I have been insulted enough and I’ve had my fill, which is what has inspired me to write this.

There are a number of traits is see which make up this envy which include:

  • People want what we have.
  • People sometimes try to be like us, to imitate us. 
  • People often expect to be treated like us. 
  • They expect us to give them things, oftentimes for free.
  • They criticize us, usually over stupid things.
  • There is often hatred directed toward us, often because they can’t be like us or have what we have.
  • They use our ideals against us, generally to get their own way.

When you look at the traits above you can see that they really display two traits of envy: 

  1. A wanting what we have.
  2. A resentment of us because we have it and they don’t. 

These two qualities are seen a lot with ‘WAM envy’.  I’ve been watching it for years.


We must remember that the White American Male created America, its economy, and practically everything within it.  Look at everything . .  practically everything we made.  We created the buildings, the highways, the economy, the consumerism . . . almost everything. Look at WWII, for instance.  Look at all the equipment, the tanks, the airplanes, the ships, etc., etc., etc.  We created almost all of it!  Look at the 50’s.  Look at all the cars, the TV, the consumer products, the movies, etc., etc., etc.  We created almost all of it!  Look at all the political and legal ideas, of fairness, equality, the people, etc., etc., etc.  We created almost all of it!  Look at our prosperity and health.  We created almost all of it!  In reality, the White American Male has created things unprecedented in history, on a scale never before seenThis success has created the two tendencies of envy – wanting what we have and resentment – which make up the ‘WAM’ envy.  In effect, the success of the White American Male created the envy.  Now, everyone – in a way, the whole world – looks at what we made and wants it and, not having it, they become resentful and bitter toward us because of what we “have” . . . I’ve been watchig this all my life.

Seeing what we have, everyone wants what we have:  the technology, the TV, the fair laws, the arsenal, the supermarkets full of food, the good economy, etc., etc., etc.  This makes people look at us with an attitude of ‘want’.  There is even a look in people that reveals this look of ‘want’:  the beginning of ‘WAM’.  Many people come to America as a result of this envy, thinking they’re going to get what we have. 


This ‘want’ and envy has created problems:

  • Many people, I’ve found, feel threatened by us.  I’ve always been stunned how extensive and deep this can get.  How many times have I been around minorities and females and they act like we’re going to something bad to them?  Even way back in the 90’s I spoke of a ‘fear of the White American Male’, which I saw quite prevalently.
  • They expect us to give them things.  Some people will get to the point that they expect it.  If they don’t they will tell us we’re ‘discriminating’ against them. 
  • There also has developed a hatred toward us.  I see it all the time.  A lot of the hatred toward the White American Male is hidden behind ideas of equality, fairness, and such – stuff we created.  As a result, its sort often hidden.
  • In some cases, the envy is so bad that, no matter what people get, they are never happy.  It’s like they need to become us and to be treated like us.  This develops a want-to-be attitude, which is prevalent with this envy.
  • They will often use our own ideals against us to get what we have, manipulating our ideals and principles like clay.
  • They feel we are taking advantage of them, or abusing them in some way, which is seldom true.  Oftentimes, the “claims of abuse” is a sign of ‘WAM envy’.  It’s a sign of resentment.  In a way, its their ‘resentment’ that ‘abuses’ them.
  • In some cases, ‘WAM envy’ appears like a class struggle.  What makes it different from a class struggle is that we are not dealing with a class struggle at all but one group just plain envious of the other group


In many ways, ‘WAM envy’, and many of the emotions surrounding it, is just a continuation of the ‘bourgeois movement’.  This movement, which became to appear in the 1700’s and became strong in the 1800’s, after the Napoleonic wars, is basically a result of the rise and increased prosperity of the middle class.  With their increased income the middle class began to ‘imitate’ the nobility (in some cases, they bought their way into the nobility).  But, overall, it’s an attitude of ‘pretend’, of “let’s pretend we’re the nobility”.  This was, in large part, a result of what can be called a ‘nobility envy’.  Like ‘WAM envy’ people wanted to be like the ‘nobility’, to have what they have, to be treated like them, to be them.  This created something like a ‘phony culture’, (which can be seen a lot in the 1950’s culture in this country) of people envious of everyone else who appeared more ‘noble’ or ‘better off’, of blind competition between people to ‘outdo’ each other, resentment toward people, and the general attitude of ‘pretend’.  ‘WAM envy’ seems to be a continuous of the bourgeois phenomena with its ‘nobility envy’, as it contains many of the same qualities

It appears that ‘nobility envy’ ruled until about the 1960’s when it seemed to turn into ‘WAM envy’.  What seems to be the dominant cause of this change is the cold war.  In many ways, the cold war created ‘WAM envy’, creating its form and its problems that we have today.  Basically, during the cold war the White American Male was turned into something like a tyrant who ‘oppresses’ everyone: in law, politics, work, just about everything.  We were always the ones who “had” everything, and this made everyone else resentful.  This  so-called ‘oppression’ during the cold war, really, is nothing but the envy itself:  of how the White American Male had “everything” and no one else did – this is because WE CREATED IT!  But everyone turned it into a form of ‘oppression’ to fit the cold war ‘freedom cause’.  As a result of this, the cold war brought out the resentment of ‘WAM envy’.  What this means is that the cold war became an avenue of resentment toward the White American Male who “had” everything.  I’ve sat and watched us repetitively turned into ‘horrible tyrants’ many many times for this reason.

In addition, because of the ’cause of freedom and democracy and equality’ during the cold war, everyone seemed to think they could all-of-a-sudden have what we have and be like us.   They acted like they were ENTITLED to everything, as if it was supposed to be given to them, oftentimes on a silver platter.  When this didn’t happen, of course, we became the ‘bad guys’.  In effect, what a lot of ‘rights violation’, ‘freedom and democracy’, and such is about, which was so prevalent during and after the cold war, is the resentment create by ‘WAM envy’:  they wanted what we have.  As a result, they manipulated our ideals and concepts to try to get it.

What this shows is that the cold war created conditions that brought out the two qualities of the envy:  wanting what we have and resentment.  In many ways, the cold ward amplified them to ridiculous proportions, making it bigger than it is. 


There seems to be three main groups of people who make up ‘WAM envy’, each with different ways they manifest it:

  1. White American Males that are on the bottom of the ‘totem pole’, so to speak.  In this group, resentment seems the dominant trait.  They tend to have a grudge and be angry about their situation in life.   
  2. White American Females.  In this group, there are many variations and manifestations of ‘WAM envy’.  When they want what we have they will often try to out-right be men (that is, White American Males) in action and deed, expecting to be treated just like us.  When they are resentful they often will piss and moan about all the problems of the female (because they don’t have what the White American Male has).  A good example of this are feminists.  These are just a couple of examples found with this group.  There are many others.
  3. Minorities.  They tend to lack the qualities of the bourgeois movement because, in many cases, they are not part of the culture that created the bourgeois movement.   In general, plain want and resentment seem prevalent and common in this group.  The different groups and types of ‘minorities’ give different manifestations of how these are displayed.


I should point out that, just to mention problems like this, is sort of a ‘hush hush’ type of thing, as if it is taboo to even mention it.  In fact, many people would probably think its silly to say such things (as I originally thought) and would probably criticize it.  I can see some people saying that it doesn’t exist and all sorts of other things.  In other words, there seems to be something like an avoidance or denial of ‘WAM envy’, even though its being demonstrated quite regularly.  Interestingly, many of these are often White American Males!

One of the reasons why its ‘hush hush’, I feel, is because the White American Male is not willing to defend himself anymore, nor stand up for himself.  In other words, the White American Males has become too complacent and ‘retired’.  This is ironic, considering we’re the group that created all this stuff. 


One of the qualities that made the White American Male so successful is Royalty.  The image of the King has had far greater power in western society than people realize.  Western Europe has been “run” by Royalty since as far as anyone can remember.  As a result, it has had great impact on our development.  This is very prevalent, particularly in England and it is the English Male that is the precursor to the White American Male and upon which he is based.  The influence of Royalty has created a condition and a model on which things were based and which effected the English Male, and later the White American Males, behavour.  These include:

  • An acknowladgement of authority.  This was originally the Kings authority but would later be companies, principles, ideas, policies, and such.
  • A tendency to be submissive to authority.  This created a willingness to follow the authority, and to suffer for it.  It made the male willing to be part of a group and to work for this group – this is the ‘image of the King’.
  • A tendency to look for the ‘greater good’ and, in a way, to be a “father” to the country, looking after it and helping it grow.
  • A tendency to ‘look beyond’ oneself, and beyond ones condition.  This is because the Kings authority is ‘beyond us’ as he, in English society, Divine-like.
  • The tendency to create groups, organizations, and organize things.
  • It gave example of how to be, an ideal to strive for.

All these, coming from the presence of Royalty, created a unique power and ability in the male.  It began with the English Male, but it would later flourish in the White American Male.  I doubt it could of flowered much with the English Male as he was hampered by the customs and situations of England.  But in America, there was none of that.  This gave the White American Male abilities the English Male could never had . . . and the White American Male flowered.

But, sadly, the image of Royalty which created the White American Male seems to be the same thing that seems to be bringing him down.  I tend to see two things that cause this:

  1. The principles of democracy, in which the U.S. is based.  Democracy is based, really, in condemning the King abd authority.  But, we must remember, it is the ‘King’ and ‘authority’ that created the power of the White American Male.
  2. The attitude of ‘submission’.  This attitude of ‘submission’ is what made the White American Male so willing to ‘work together’ and get things done.  But this same attitude has turned the White American Male into a ‘retiring’ complacant person, agreeing to everything.  In some ways, he’s become like a vegatable.

These, it seems, are bringing the White American Male down.  Both have been undermining to the White American Male and has had devastataing effects.

In many ways, the problems of ‘WAM envy’ were created by the ideals and principles of the Royalistic society of England which could only flower in a non-Royalistic society like the U.S.  The problem is that the non-Royalistic society of the U.S. worked against the ideals and principles of the Royalistic society that helped to make it powerful.  In the end, these two qualities – Royalist and non-Royalist – began to work against each other and slowly are eating each other away.  As a result, it is eroding not only the White American Male but all he created. 


‘WAM envy’ has created many damaging effects to this society such as:

  • It has created a people and, in a way, a world that expects the U.S. to give them everything:  everybody just ‘wants’.  As a result of this, it has helped to create the U.S. into a materialistic ‘give me’ sort of a place.  Everyone expects everything to be given to them. 
  • It has also created a place where there is a lot of blind contempt, hatred, and resentment toward any authority.  In the U.S. is endless and blind hatred toward authority.  How can anything prosper in these conditions?  These are not the conditions that allowed the White American Male, and what he created, to prosper. 
  • It’s created a society that is only undermining the thing that gave it power.   In other words, the society has become self-abasing.
  • It has created a degradation of the whole White American Male group, turning many of us, in many ways, into nobodies.
  • Because of the degradation of the White American male it has caused an overall degradation of the “White” society in general.  This is because the “White” society is based in the White American Male.

The fact of the matter is that because the White American Male created this country his fall will be this countries fall.  Even though everyone tries to be the White American Male, and to have what he has, they are not him.  The power in the White American Male are qualities found in HIS identity and HIS ideals that were developed over a long period of time and is culturally based.  Most White American Male want-to-be’s do not have these qualties.   As a result, taking the country out of the White American Males hands is to take it out of the hands of the people who created it and made it what it is.  What do you think will happen then?


The White American Male is a shell of what he used to be.  He has allowed the whole country to walk over him and tell him what to do.  This has been done in the name of freedom and democracy, which has made him complacent and passive and ‘having to agree’. 

This, really, needs to end. 

There needs to be, in my opinion, new attitudes about freedom and democracy and what this country is about.  These old viewpoints, frankly, are undermining us.  If allowed to continue they’ll only undermine us even more. 

The White American Male needs to quit being a ‘suck-up’ to everything.  It’s good to be submissive to an ideal but not to absurdity, which a lot of the ideals of this country have become. 

The White American Male needs to uphold himself better.  He needs to stand up for himself as a person and a human being.  I feel that the White American Male should note that “we created this country” and people should be reminded of that.  We should not allow people, this country – or its principles even – to walk over us.

I tend to feel that we can regain our dignity – which we should – but we will not be able to undo the damage that has been done.  The ‘golden years’ have come and gone.  Now what was golden is being eaten away by rust. 


Sadly, though, the dying of the White American Male – and America – is really the end of just another cycle in history, of a rise, climax, and a fall, something that is inevitable and unavoidable.  We are watching the fall, the fall of a great thing . . . a success story turned bad.

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