Thoughts on how the U.S. is undermining itself with its own ideals – the ‘God-ordained democracy’ thats frightened of authority

I have always had this belief that the U.S. is undermining itself with its own ideals.  This comes from years of observations.  I have watched, all my life, how the U.S. government, its institutions, and its people seem to do nothing but undermine itself.  I would describe my life as watching a bunch of people strip themselves of power slowly over time . . . and then glorify it as if it were a great thing!

This undermining is done a number of ways such as:

  • By taking its own power and authority from itself and its people.
  • They give power to people that shouldn’t have it (like unqualified minorities or foreigners).
  • They undermine and destroy their own social structure.
  • They make it so that authority cannot be demonstrated in any way (such as in punishment – can’t even spank your own kids).
  • By giving certain people privilege and favor that shouldn’t have it (like unqualified minorities and foreigners), which should be given to its own people.
  • By making laws that are not in its favor.  Often it is in the favor of other people, like minorities and foreigners.  This often makes it so that its own people appear as the ‘bad guys’ and ‘get the shaft’, as they say.
  • They willingly turn much of what their citizens do into a crime.
  • They are repetitively taken advantage of by foreigners and minorities.  What’s weird is that no one seems to notice this.  And to even go further, there’s nothing you can do about it.  They are powerless to change the abuses against itself which they created!
  • They have millions illegally enter their country and do nothing about it.  Instead, they help them and support them, at their own people’s expense.
  • By taking the taxes generated from its own people and ‘giving it away’ to other countries in things like ‘aid’, wars, or what have you, when it should be given to its own people where it belongs.
  • They defy centuries of tradition by replacing it all with beliefs based on their ‘ideals’, as if that supersedes the wisdom of the past.
  • They made it so that it is a crime for someone to be in control of things.
  • Years ago, I began to make a joke of how they are ‘giving the U.S. away’ to the other people in the world and that’s often how it seems to me.

This stuff isn’t ‘just done’ for no reason.  It’s done for a “cause” . . . and what is the American cause?  What do you think! . . . freedom and democracy.  It is in the name of their “cause” that they undermine themselves, stripping themselves of their own power and their own authority . . . a victim of their own ideal.

To me, this is appalling to see a country do.  What kind of a place, people, and government seek to undermine itself?  To be frank, it has made me lose respect for this place.  It almost seems, at times, that there is a self-destructive side to the American mentality, almost as if they want to be destroyed . . . they often act like it.  I often say:  “. . . so what’s the new excuse for undermining us again . . . someones rights have been violated . . . we got to save the world . . . what now?”

Watching this over the years has always made me worry.  Considering this mentality there are times when I’m amazed the U.S. is still here and that the government still works or hasn’t been overrun by something else.  It’s also has caused a lot of problems that didn’t need to happen.  We also must remember the amount of money that has been wasted on these ‘ideals’. 

Just recently, I saw something that I’ve seen before.  I’ve noticed that there are a growing number of black people in the city where I live.  These are not American black people but African black people.  Almost immediately, I saw a scenario in my mind:

— Mr. Self-Righteous American saw the problems that were going on in Africa.  With the Christian righteous cause to ‘save the world’ he started to ship them over here to the U.S. because, we must remember, this is the ‘greatest country in the world’.  Here they can grow and “achieve” which they couldn’t possibly do in their poor oppressed miserable un-Americanized countries.  So they bring them all here with a smug self-congratulatory smile on their faces.  Now, all of a sudden, there’s all these foreigners here that can’t fit in the society.  Not only that, the people who live here are apprehensive of them because they don’t fit in.  They probably can’t even speak english.  As a result, they have problems.  It doesn’t take long until charges of ‘rights violations’, discrimination, and racism gets filed . . . and toward who?  Us, the citizens of this country.  We get villanized as bad people, as if we hate them.  If we say or do anything against them we are branded ‘racists’ or something by our own country.  In effect, our own country makes us powerless and turns us into the bad guys!  Then a committee gets formed called ‘discrimination against African immigrants’.  It’s all directed against you know who.  We end up having to pay “damages” to these people.  Not only that, we are told we should learn their language.  Now, these people get a ‘free ride’ with special privileges – free schooling, free medical, and so on.  This is done all at our expense, because we are bad people who discriminated against them.  Not only that, their kids can’t fit in and start to create problems.  We get blamed for it because we won’t accept them in our society.  Organizations and special groups are created to help them.  We have to pay for it all in the end.  —

Now, I don’t know if this is what will happen, but I have watched this scenario played out many times before, with variations, over the years.  That is to say, this observation is not ‘made up’ but something I’ve seen before.

As I watched stuff  like this over the years, certain impressions have come up as to why this problems exists.  I tend to see two elements that have contributed to this problem:

  1. The Christian influence.
  2. The anti-authority influence.


I have always felt that this problem is very much related to Christian influence.  The U.S., and its mentality, is very much influenced by Christianity, far more than people realize.  Many of its basic beliefs are shown in the basic American mentality.  These have been, in a way, ‘blended’ into its political theory so much that it disguises its religious origins.  Some of these Christian beliefs include:

  • The idea that the “people” make up the ‘body of Christ’.    This belief is one of the great connections between America’s democratic theory and Christianity.  From this belief the “people” have been glorified and raised to almost god-like status, confirming and supporting the ‘democratic principle’.   Because of this, American ‘democracy’ is more than a political theory but based in a ‘righteous’ and ‘religious’ belief . . . that is, it’s a ‘god-ordained democracy’.  This makes it so that American ‘democracy’ has attitudes and viewpoints often more in “tune” with religion than political theory . . . of course, no one will admit to that though.
  • This ‘god-ordained democracy makes itself “automatically righteous” in its cause and its behaviour.  Often, to most Americans, this is taken as a given, without so much as a thought.  As a result, whatever it does is ‘right’ and all its beliefs are ‘correct’ and its principles are ‘the only way to be’.
  • The Christian aspect often gives a “self-effacing” or “self-denying” quality to American politics.  The “self-effacing” and “self-denying” traits of Christianity has often been displayed through American politics, creating an attitude where we must ‘give everything away’.  This makes it easy for Mr. American to take from their own people what is rightly theirs (such as privilege, money, and such) and give it away to other people.  As with Christianity, this is done in the spirit of the “cause”, like it’s some God-ordained thing.
  • The Christian aspect also gives a tendency to ‘forcing a penance’ upon its people.  I’ve seen many Americans, for example, almost sulk and cry for the ‘bad treatment’ of the black slaves (even though they, or any of their family members, didn’t have anything to do with it).  I was often stunned how some people spoke of how we ‘white people’ should be punished for what happened in the past.  It also gives a tendency and ease to ‘find blame’ for all the problems, blame that tends to always be directed toward its own people’s or society, which it often is not. 

What I see, then, is what appears to be a religion/political combination in American democracy.  Theoretically, this is not supposed to of happen, but it did nonetheless.  This makes American democracy more than politics, more than theory.  It goes beyond the basic principles of democracy.  It treads into religion.

It makes American democracy do a number of things:

  • It effaces its own authority and its own people with stupid strict laws, oftentimes making it so they can’t do much.
  • It tries to ‘save the world’, at its own people’s expense.
  • It give other people privilege and favor at its own people’s expense.


We must remember that democracy tends to be anti-authority in its nature.  It’s whole basis of belief is in preventing authority from ‘taking control’.  As a result, it is associated with a fear of authority.  This fact is very much apparent with the U.S., which has repetitively demonstrated a fear of authority.  This fear is even demonstrated in the Constitution and governmental principles of the U.S.  Because of this, there is continual suspicion of any form of authority.  It makes Americans panic easily and fly into paranoia at a drop of a hat. 

The problem with this is that a society is run by authority.  It is through authority that society is runned and maintained.  By continually being wary of any authority the U.S., in effect, becomes wary of the very foundations of which any society is built upon.  By becoming frightened of authority they become frightened of the very foundation of which any society is built upon.  By undermining authority they undermine the very foundation of which any society is built upon.  With these attitudes, they have created a society that has no real foundation.  They, themselves, have taken that foundation away. 

In America’s drive to be democratic and curtail the power of authority it has, in effect, curtailed its own power and its own authority, undermining its own society. 


Both of these elements contributed to create an undermining of the government, its laws, and its people . . . the  country as a whole.

  • It has created a society that, in a way, is frightened of its own shadow, everyone panicking over any ‘hint’ of rights violation or any demonstration of authority.
  • It has created a society with all these warped weird ridiculous laws.
  • It has created a society where it often needlessly turns itself and its people into something ‘bad’.
  • It creates a society that does not favor its own people and oftentimes mistreats them.

To me, it often seems like the U.S. tosses its own people out in the wind.  How many times have I seen foreigners and minorities, for example, get privilege and favour NOT ONE of us got . . . and at our expense!  The government will pay for this or that so they get it free . . . and its our taxes!  What do we get? . . . the bill.

But, by carrying out their ‘democratic ideals’ they believe they will be ‘righteous’.  If it kills them it’s no matter because they believe the ‘righteous cause’ is everything.  This ‘righteous cause’ makes Americans blind.  It makes them unable to see what they are doing.  This is what is so scary about all this:  I see a country undermining itself and no one else seems to be noticing

The cause remember . . . the cause! 

My mentioning this must mean its all in my head or, better yet, I must be a traitor. 

The cause remember . . . the cause! 

The person who has taken the greatest blows is the white American male.  Look at him!  He has become a nobody:  uprooted, undermined, powerless, and everything he does can be construed a crime.  But the thing is . . . we’re the ones who created all this.  Unfortunately, the white American males before me, in their mania for the ’cause’, gave away their power and authority.  In so doing, they gave away mine. 

And what’s left?  A bunch of undermined nobodies.

Truly, an image of the self-effacing American . . . all in the name of freedom and democracy!

The cause remember . . . the cause!

Like a good Christian he has destroyed himself for the ‘greater glory’.  Willingly, he gave up his life, his worth, and his meaning.  Surely, his soul will go to heaven . . . there he’ll meet George Washington and Ben Franklin and live in everlasting glory.

To me, there is a lesson to be learned:  A country that undermines itself can’t come to any good Looking beyond the ‘high cause’ all they are doing is destroying themselves . . . and  this is done on their own accord.  It shows the danger of the ’cause’ and the blind attitudes it cause, a warning against self-effacement and the blind attack on authority, the behaviour of the ‘god-ordained’ democracy thats frightened of authority.

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