Thoughts on how I responded to an interview on TV – WAM envy again . . . and ‘culture clash’

I saw an interview on the TV, some time ago, that made me quite irate.  I only saw about a minute of it but it was enough for me.

They had a group of people – filmmakers, I think.  They were all ‘white males’ except for one ‘black male’.  One of the guys, who was apparently the interviewer (who sounded foreign), made a remark that basically amounted to “why aren’t there any females and only one minority in this group?”  It then seemed to me that the conversation, primarily between the interviewer and the ‘black guy’, became a condemnation of the White American Male, apparently implying all these ‘bad’ things about us, such as that we were  discriminatory, with malicious intent, and such.  I turned it off once I saw that.

Sound familiar?

I wrote previously on this blog of what I jokingly called WAM envy – White American Male envy.  Here is an example of it. 

We see the pattern.  The White American Male creates something (in this case, the film industry).  It becomes successful.  Now everyone else wants a ‘piece of the pie’ and is pissed they aren’t getting it (envy).  They think that, because they are in America, this ‘piece of the pie’ should just be handed to them, that they should just be accepted into it.  But it is something they neither created, worked for, nor is it a part of their culture . . . but they want it.  In the end, the White American Male will be villainized and will probably have to ‘give it away’, all in the name of freedom and democracy.

The reason why the White American Male is ‘dominant’ in many things has nothing whatsoever to ‘discrimination’, malicious intent, or anything like that.  It’s not because we’re trying to debase or degrade anyone either (the next time I hear that I’m going to explode I think).  That point of view is a result of a POLITICAL EXPLANATION.   Unfortunately, this is the explanation most people in the U.S. tend to accept.  But there is another explanation, a HUMAN EXPLANATION.  It follows basic human patterns the world over and is naturally appearing.  It is not debasing toward other people nor is their hatred or malicious intent in it.

Basically, the film industry in the U.S. is created by the White American Male.  It reflects his work, his values, his attitudes, his culture.  Almost all the themes, the images, the attitudes, the storylines reflect this.  The whole industry, how it works and functions, its economy, its process is all based on the White American Male and what he did.  As a result, many White American Males fit right in to it because it reflects ‘White American Male culture’.  Other people, who are not a part of this culture, do not fit in that well because it does not reflect their work, their values, their attitudes, their culture.  In fact, most people only want the money, power, and prestige that White American Male culture has than to be a part of it.  It doesn’t take a genius to see that this is what people are after.  With the ‘freedom and democracy’ ideals of the U.S., people think it should be given to them, as if they are entitled to it.  If not, then they use those ideals to villanize the people who have what they want.  It’s for this reason I speak of this as an envy.  People are green with envy, I’ve found, expecting they should be handed what we have.  If they don’t get it they, basically, become resentful.  They then use politics to ‘get even’ with their resentment.

But, its not so simple.  The ‘real human world’ does not work according to political ideas.

Do you think I’d fit into the Chinese movie business?  Do you think they’d just ‘accept me’ right off?  Do we complain?  Of course not.  I’ve never heard anyone complain about it.  One reason is because we’re more willing to look at them from a ‘realistic human point of view’ (another big reason is that they don’t have the money, power, and prestige the White American Male culture has, which is what everyone is after).  But, in the U.S. we look at things politically . . . everything is political.  The problem, though, is that this is not a political issue, it’s a human one, a naturally appearing one.  It’s a normal human pattern of behaviour for people in a culture to easily become a part of their cultures creations and for a people not from that culture having a hard time being ‘accepted’, if at all.  There is no hatred here.  There is no malicious intent.  There is no discrimination.  There is no rights violation.  It is a naturally appearing human tendency.  I was really offended when I heard that Bruce Lee expected to be ‘accepted’ into Hollywood.  What does he expect?  Of course, he was looking at it from an American political perspective but, from a human perspective, you can’t just ‘expect’ it.  Despite all the fancy political inuendos, he only became ‘accepted’ when he did something that “spoke” to the White American Male culture.  Had that not of happened he, frankly, would have gotten nowhere . . . except in China probably.  That’s the way it is, politics or not.

Have you seen any ‘black films’?  How many ‘white people’ watch them?  I know I don’t like them.  Why?  Because they are of a different point of view, a different culture I can’t relate to that well and that doesn’t “speak” to me . . . and I wouldn’t expect to ‘automatically’ be accepted by them if I was in the movie business either.  That’s because I understand that its ‘their’ movie, reflecting ‘their’ culture . . . something I’m not a part of. 

Have you seen any ‘chick flicks’?  How many guys watch them?  I know I don’t like them.  But I know that it reflects female perspective and viewpoints.  It, somehow, “speaks” to them . . . but it doesn’t “speak” to me.  But I don’t make a big deal about it.  I wouldn’t expect them to automatically ‘accept’ me in their stuff. 

But, in the U.S., everyone expects to have what the White American Male has and that we should change everything for them.  When have I heard anyone say:  “this is what they made, this is part of who they are, it reflects their culture, it reflects who they are”?Instead,  I hear nothing but “it’s not right that they have it . . . and why is it always the way they want it . . . I don’t get any of it . . . they’re a bunch of racists”. 

It’s probably ‘our way’ because we created it and you’re not a part of it.  Do you think??? . . .

In many respects, all this reflects a form of a ‘culture clash’, of one culture clashing with another.  One culture are the ‘haves’.  The other are the ‘have nots’, full of resentment and envy.  Whats unique about this ‘culture clash’ is that one culture expects to be given  what the other has . . . and, if they don’t get it, they villanize them for it and make a political issue out of it.  They end up painting us White American Males out as these bad horrible people . . . my God, we’re a bunch of oppressive tyrants! 

Yeah, that’s exactly what it is . . .

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