With a blast I send out my POW!!!

With a blast I send out my POW!!!

demonstrating the force of my cannon

passing through the wind, the shot falls short

there in the level plain a new gaping chasm has found its way

with a great cry it is born!

proudly, its father glimmers:  “a hole all my own . . . yes! . . . erected by my hand”

never telling its secret, I know

hidden the truth resides, lost in the vaults of a longing life

that pit that’s appeared, that blight on my barren soul

. . . it fell short of its mark!

(This non-rhyming descriptive reflections was intended to describe, in a descriptive way, how I felt the day I wrote it.  It describes a a problem I feel, so it describes a conflict.  It refers to how I feel I am not doing as well as I’d like in life.  I feel, somehow, impaired in life, I feel that I have fallen ‘short of my mark’.)

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