A dream about having my truck stolen

I parked my truck in an area which was on the corner of a street.  I can’t recall where I went though.  When I came back it was gone.  I may of called my dad as he appeared.  I had this strange notion that he had taken my truck home as sort of a joke, to make me panic that it was gone.  I kept waiting for him to tell me this, but he never did.  The area seemed to be like a park as there was grass there and, I think, places to picnic.  At one point I seem to recall looking toward the intersection and the ground was as if in levels, like a terrace.  I was some odd levels above where I had parked my truck as I recall looking down upon it.  There were other things that happened there but I don’t recall what they were.

(This dream baffled me.  The area is actually an area where I used to live.  It is a gas station, which is on the southwest corner of an intersection.  In the dream it was like a park, though.  I immediately think of a dream I had in the mid-80’s, I think, that happened in the same area.  I remember being baffled by that dream then and couldn’t figure out what it meant.  I’ve been to the store in the gas station only a few times, mostly in the 70’s, I think, and maybe early-80’s.  Some years after we moved we happened to drive by and I noticed that they had torn down the houses on the northwest corner of the intersection and put in a small church.  That seemed weird to me to see these new things.  Here we see themes of change-through-time.  This, to me, seems to hint at a growth, or a change that has happened in me.  Because it doesn’t refer to an event, or doesn’t seem to hint at one, I’m inclined to think this is a result of a ‘sense’ of a change in me.  It just so happens I have felt a change.  In the past 6 months or so I have felt ‘different’.  I seem to behave and act differently than I ever have, as if I am becoming a different person.  It seems that my truck refers to my ‘old self’.  In fact, its starting to get old and I often wonder if I should get a new car, being much like a reference to a need for a ‘new self’.  It’s being stolen probably refers to this change in me as it just happened, which caught me off guard, just like my truck being stolen would.  Looking down upon the different levels seems to also suggest a sense of this change-through-time in me.  It refers to me ‘peering’ through the changes.  My dad being there is probably a reference to my wanting to feel ‘comforted’ with this problem.  Knowing my dad will pick me up relieves a lot of pressure on me, of getting home and such.  Thinking its a joke comforts me even more.  But, he never told me this.  This shows that there is a sense of this change as something I’m unsure about and don’t understand.   The whole dream, then, is like saying ” . . . I seem to be noticing a big change in me that I don’t understand”.)

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