Stretched beyond repair have I become

Stretched beyond repair have I become

the great pulling took me from end to end

traveling the great circle, I see the lot

from the farthest reaches to the nearest reaches

there am I

from the land of dark to the land of light

there am I

from the land of pain to the land of joy

there am I

pulled everywhere into the distant realms

seeking the distancy, my soul seeks for the unity

a coming together of my mind

in striving for the farthest lands

I seek to come together

to bring a congregation of myself

to make a parliament of my mind

have I become overstretched?

have I travelled too far?

how can I tell?

I’ve become scattered

drifting in time, floating in space

my self . . . is it amiss?

(This unrhymed descriptive reflection is about how the ‘awareness and experience of life’ stretches and pulls us apart, causing a great ‘pain’.  It also states how our reaching out into life makes our self seem ‘pulled apart’ and how we want to ‘come back together again’.  Like a tug-of-war a part of us wants to reach out into life, and go beyond ourself, but another part of us wants to keep our self together and contained.  Which shall it be?)

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