Thoughts on the ‘female-as-victim-of-the-world’: “feminism”, a poor way to look at things

Some time ago I was reflecting on a situation that happened some years ago:  another example of the ridiculous “feminist” point of view. 

I was at a coin show.  As I was looking at some coins I overheard a conversation between a salesman and one of the customers.  Basically, it amounted to this:

–  The salesman had some female came up to him and tell him that the whole coin collecting subject was discriminatory and biased.  She said that it showed ‘male domination’ and how the female is not “allowed” to collect coins.  He said, “Look around, there are girls here.  No one is preventing girls from collecting coins.  Why would they?  In fact, I wish you would . . . it would mean more business for me.”  He laughed and then said, “the fact is that girls aren’t that interested in collecting coins and guys are.”  He said she just walked away.  –

This is a perfect example of how “feminists” see rights violation in everything.  A hint . . . a suggestion . . . and their rights are violated . . . and you know who’s at fault?  Us guys. 

In many ways, “feminism” is just another ‘conspiracy theory’, as all my life I’ve heard them say nothing but that we guys are ‘conspiring’ to do some sort of harm to them.  They act like the whole world is conspiring against them and that they are the victims. 

Think of it!  A whole philosophy, a whole point of view, a whole identity based in how they are victims of the male and the world.

What a mentality!

I always jokingly call these types of girls “Little miss she’s-a-victim-of-the-world”. 

Almost all this supposed ‘abuse’ of the female is created in their minds.  They see it because they WANT to see it.  How many times have I seen “feminists” see ‘rights violation’ in the simplest everyday things, like opening a door for someone or in a polite word?  It’s got to the point that we have to be careful of how we act, what we do, and what we say around these people for fear they may “see” bad in it!  Sometimes, I wondered if they took classes on how to see bad in things.  I have always said that if these girls would quit seeing the ‘supposed bad’ in things they’d find that a lot of things are actually good and are actually in their favor. 

But the problem is their mentality.  They want to see the ‘bad’ in things.  They’re the victims remember!  We must remember that all these centuries females were ‘forced’ to have children and cook and clean and wear dresses and speak with high voices. 

God help us! 

The fact is that I have always considered “feminism” to be a poor way to look at the world, the male, the female, and oneself.  In fact, I have more than once wanted to tell these girls that they ought to go to a psychiatrist to find out what they’re problem is, as there is something wrong with them.  These girls need to have a better way at looking at themselves and everyone else.  They have a horrible way to look at themselves.

I will never forget how I had to regularly defend the females of the past, as well as practically everything associated with the female, from the “feminists”.  I sat and watched the “feminists” sit and degrade and knock almost everything about the female down.  You name it, they made it out as if it was all a a form of victimizing:  having children, mothering, cooking, cleaning the house, sewing, wearing dresses, having to take care of their hair, the ‘daintiness’ of females, etc., etc., etc.  And then, after all this degradation they did to themselves, they sat and said we guys were doing it, that they were victims of us!

It’s absurd!

Maybe if they had a better view of themselves . . .

Have you ever seen older “feminists”?  I’ve seen them, especially the ‘little miss her-rights-were-violated-in-the-70s’.  They look all ragedy, unhappy, and ‘bitchy’. 

Is it any wonder?

Look at how they look at the world:  a threat!

Look at how they look at the male:  a threat!

Look at how they look at the female:  a victim!

Look at how they look at themselves:  a victim!

Loo at how they see the solution:  to be a man!

Is it any wonder?! 

How can anyone be happy with that point of view?  How can anyone grow into a person with that point of view?  The answer is simple:  they can’t.

To me, the “feminist” point of view is ‘sick’.  I’ve never seen a “feminist” that looked all together ‘there’, no less a secure person.  Almost all that I’ve seen have this uptightness about them, like they are insecure with themselves.  I can often “feel” a feminist because she has the look of ‘I-need-someone-to-blame’ or a ‘the-female-is-superior’ look on their face.

I tend to believe that “feminists” blame the male and the world for their own personal problems.  This is because its exactly what it looks like to me and what my observation shows.  Something is wrong with them, to develop and believe the point of views they take. 

But, one of the reasons why it got so out-of-control is because of all the political/legal ‘worshipping’ that took place during the cold war era.   They basically jumped on the ‘civil rights’ and ‘rights violation’ band wagen and rode it along.  This, in their minds, gave their twisted viewpoints a validity and a ‘justification’.  It also gave it an apparent ‘authority’.  As a result, they have pushed it to ridiculous extents. 

Luckily, since the cold war era has ended, a lot of the ‘justification’ and mentality of that era is fading.  Many people are starting to see the ridiculousness of “feminism” for what it is.  We must remember that “feminism” became a big thing because of its political/legal justifications which ‘fit in’ to the mentality of the cold war, seeming to give it a relevence.  On the HUMAN level, though, its assinine and ridiculous and ‘sick’.  This is why I always emphasize that, when looking at “feminism”, you look at it, not in a political/legal way, but in a human way.  From this perspective you can see how its truly a poor way at looking at the world, the male, the female, society, and oneself.

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