Thoughts on the new ‘social media’ female – the degradation of the female and mother???

Recently, I’ve found myself continually joke that we are in the “era of the ‘social media’ female”.  This has come about from observations I’ve made about females nowadays.  In my opinion, it is not a good sign.

I remember when computer games came out and how it dominated the boys, beginning in the 1980’s.  I thought it was terrible then.  All they wanted to do is play computer games all the time, everyday, all day.  I hated it and grew to hate computers for that reason.  Computer games even broke me and my best friend apart in the mid 80’s.  I got tired of playing nothing but computer games.

I thought that was a big thing but that’s nothing compared to the ‘social media’ female.

Beginning with cellular phones, the ‘social media’ has had nothing but complete and utter domination of many girls.  Their whole lives revolve around it.  They toss money at it like it’s the only thing in life, wasting thousands of dollars (which has created many billion dollar industries!).  I’ve known girls who walk around with their cellular phones in their hand and look at it every half-minute or so.  I always joke that one day the cellular phone is going to grow into their hand.  When some girls eat they place the phone in front of them on the table:  Oh my god, they might get a call!  I’ve even heard of girls who sleep with it or take it in the shower with them!  We’ve even counted how many times one girl have looked at their phone in a five minute period of time – about 20 times!  I’ve talked to people who have said that, according to their phone records, their girls would have averaged a text every five minutes or so . . . all day!

Never in my life have I seen such a domination of a group of people in my life!  Never have I seen such relinquishing of ones life!

It’s unbelievable.

Its no surprise that we are seeing changes in girls recently.  How could it not do this, being that it is so dominating?  I’ve noticed changes in many girls:  a look, a way that they have, a particular quality, the sound of their voice.  They seem somehow ‘different’, not the same.

In fact, for years I have mentioned that American females are starting to look ‘ugly’.  When I say ‘ugly’ I do not mean physically.  Many look nice physically.  I mean ‘ugly’ mentally or interiorily.  It’s the quality that surrounds them that makes them ‘ugly’, almost like an ‘aura’.  Just recently, I’ve often caught myself looking up, and suddenly seeing an American female, I find myself going “ugh, an American female!”  More than once has an American female made me feel nauseated.  Its just a ‘quality’ many of them have now. It’s this ‘quality’ that made me wonder what was going on.  Why have they become like that?  Why do I react like that?

A closer look showed that a lot of this had to do with the ‘social media’ and how it dominated, controlled, and moulded their life.  It’s made many girls ‘ugly’, in my opinion.  This is because they are loosing qualities not only of a female but of a human being.  I can often tell if a female is dominated by ‘social media’ by how they seem ‘ugly’ to me.

As I looked closer I began to delineate qualities about the new female.  Here are some of its qualities:

  • They have a distant gaze in their eyes.
  • Their mind seems off in the distance.
  • They have a blank expression.
  • Their voice seems constant and has a monotone quality about it.  I often have this sense of ‘who are you talking to?’
  • They seem out of touch with whats going on around them.
  • They often seem lost in their own world.
  • They seem alone.  They are not associating with the ‘actual’ people around them.  Many would much rather associate with people through the ‘social media’ than with ‘actual’ people.
  • They’ve developed a selfishness or self concern.
  • They have poor interpersonal skills.
  • They seem to lack a ‘humanness’.

All this seems to show that many females are no longer associating with human beings but with an “image” of a human being which they have in their minds, an “image” the ‘social media’ created.  In many ways, they’ve lost touch with humanity as they are no longer associating with humanity but a ‘mental image’.  They are as if associating with an image of a person the ‘virtual world’ created in the ‘social media’.  This world gives them something to associate with but it’s not real, it’s not human.  It’s a real person on the other end but what they are associating with – the ‘social media’ – is not real.  This is the ‘image’ of the person that is held in the females mind . . . and it stays there.  And this is what makes it different than boys playing computer games.  When most boys quit playing the game the game ends.  With the ‘social media’ female, they do not know its over.  It creates a mentality that continues into their daily lives.  This is one of the reasons why it is so prevalent and dominating in their lives.  The association with the ‘social media image’ does not end when they hang up.

In many ways, the ‘social media’ has become their ‘associate’.  They associate with it as if it were a person.  People – that is, human beings – take a back seat.  This makes many females inconsiderate toward others (a complaint many of us have made).  It also makes them selfish-like and only concerned with themselves as everything is what comes from within them.  In addition, it makes them have poor social skills.  Often, their so-called socializing ‘skills’ are not skills at all but what the ‘social media’ tells them to do.  If the ‘social media’ tells them to behave in a certain way, or use certain expressions, they do it.  Not only that, most of their so-called socializing is through the ‘social media’ primarily.  There is a lack of an interpersonal ability I’ve found.  They lack qualities like sharing or making concessions for people that determine a lot of socializing.

I have never seen a male display these types of qualities, even if he is ‘social media’ dominated.  The males reaction to the ‘social media’ is totally different than the females I’ve found.  It doesn’t seem as extensive and dominating.  This is because this whole problem has to do with the association of the female character and the ‘social media’.

The domination of the ‘social media’ is very strong with girls in their teenage years and the early-mid twenties especially.  This, of course, does not mean it can’t go beyond that as it can and does.  But there is a reason, I believe, why this age group is so susceptible to this.  I believe it revolves around childbearing.

In the childbearing years the female develops certain qualities and traits (all three qualities I’ve described elsewhere in this blog site), which include:

  1. Their life revolves around the idea of the ‘other’.  The ‘other’ is, in actuality, the instinctual awareness of the child.  They want and yearn for this ‘other’ in their life and much of their life is in having some form of ‘other’ there with them.
  2. They develop a ‘partial mind’.  Part of the quality of motherly love is that they unite themselves with the child, take it in as a part of themselves.  As a result, the female has a quality of a mind that needs another to make it complete.  It is for this reason that it is ‘partial’.  The child ‘fills’ it, making it complete.
  3. The awareness of the ‘mystic child’.  This is a term I use for the instinctual awareness females have that a ‘child’ is ‘about to come’.  Since it is not ‘there’ it is a ‘sense’ of a ‘something that is about to come’.  It is an almost mystical-like at times.

The ‘social media’ caters to all these qualities.  In fact, they suck up these motherly qualities like a vacuum.

  1. By associating with the ‘social media’ they associate with an ‘other’.  The “image” created by the ‘social media’ becomes the ‘other’ in the female mind.
  2. The ‘social media’ and its “image” fills their ‘partial mind’.  In so doing, they give up their life to it, letting it dominate and control them.
  3. Through the ‘social media’ they associate with a person that is and is not there – a mysterious ‘mental image’.  This refers to the sense of the ‘mystic child’, of the ‘something that is about to come’.  Because the ‘social media’ does not create the person in their entirety, the person is and is not there.  This, in a way, gives them a ‘mysterious’ quality much like the ‘mystic child’.

In effect, the ‘social media’ caters to the naturally appearing and motherly qualities found in the female.  Since these are instinctual, they need an outlet.  The ‘social media’ is something that is just too easy and too available an outlet for this need.

Normally, in a REAL CULTURE, part of the female life, identity, and ‘training’ would be to develop and accentuate these qualities.  But, in this so-called culture, the female identity has been largely hacked to death.  This means that the female has more need for an outlet than, say, females in other cultures.  In some ways, it’s the only outlet they have.

What this means, and I think the evidence shows this, is that the female motherly qualities are being misdirected and not developed in the females nowadays.  Many females do not know their motherly qualities nor will they ever.  This is because the culture does not promote them and the fact that it is now redirected to somewhere else – the ‘social media’.  As a result, the females are not developing these motherly qualities that have been developed for centuries and have been a part of the female identity.  In effect, this means the quality of our mothers is going to deteriorate.   From what I have seen, this has already started.

Just last week I saw a show made in the 70’s.  I saw something I have not seen in decades it seems:  a female showing her motherly caring quality.

I couldn’t believe!  How long has it been since I’ve seen that?

This fact stunned me.  I had almost forgotten what the ‘motherly’ quality in the female looked like.  My own personal experience is that females are not all that motherly nor are they all that caring of people.  I’ve always said, “if I want understanding and caring I go to a guy”.  From my experience, that’s an accurate statement.  In general, I associate the female with a particular quality of selfishness which I call ‘self-absorption’, at least as it was displayed in my generation.  This is the motherly caring quality directed to themselves and their bodies.  The girls I knew were ‘self-absorbed’, everything was about them and what they wanted.  They tended to themselves, catered to themselves, and expected me to do the same.  But they still had a sense of being part of a society, that they ‘belong to a group’.

Many of these new girls seem like they’ve lost the sense of ‘being part of a group’.  They live, remember, in their fantasy ‘social media’ world.  There lies all their friends, family, and associates.  It’s on that plane that they devote their lives, their loves, their dreams.  They no longer ‘belong to a group’ but an image of someone in their mind as its portrayed through texting, or one of the internet social sites.  They don’t seem all that grounded in the real world anymore.


Copyright by Mike Michelsen

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