“Look . . . I’ve lost hold” – with a remark about the ‘ailment’ of experiencing life

Look . . . I’ve lost hold

my footing has given way

I fall in the tumbling rage

falling further from my comforted home

sinking into the oblivion of life

I can neither see nor feel

my bearings . . . but where can it be?

I’m at a loss

drifting in the cascade of confusion it comes to me

the longing of want, the craving:

       great me this day sweat yearning, making me whole

       there as I drift into the abyss

but my predicament catches up with me . . . my orientation has gone amiss

I find myself revolving head over foot without control

. . . a tumbler in life

images fade, people fade

things . . . objects . . . take on a nothingness lustre

I . . . me . . . have become nothing

oh, the horror of this state

not knowing my life, my way

surely, I have only one friend and companion – my comforter

as I lift up my gaze, it stands so serene, so sure

undaunted, timeless, without hope, without despair

there it stands!

do you not see?

do you not feel?

. . . the longing life . . . embrace me!

         let your caressing fingers surround me

        hold me with firm disposition

. . . the passionate life . . . hold me!

       keep me in your sight

       don’t forget me

There I see the truth

I can feel its fact gripping my throat, choking my voice:  I am speechless!

there in the tumbling nothingness, here without being

my comforter stands pure like an unravelled flower petal

waiting to spill forth its might

yes!  passion of life . . . yearning!

but, yet, my hands, they grasp at nothing

       my eyes, they see nothing

       my senses, they are naught

delighting in the passion, I curse its night

in the blackness, dark, serene

. . . I sit . . . tumbling in the abyss

a great inner outrush cries out:  my voice speaks!

       “curse you, the night of passion!”

       “curse you yearning . . . I tumble endlessly!”

       “curse you, I say!”

but . . . oh . . . I am overwhelmed . . . perplexed

a confusion unravels in my inner depths:

       I  yearn for the yearning that tosses me into darkness

       . . . my great love . . . why do you torment me?

such irony, such confusion, I can neither tell this from that

black has become white and white has become black

oh, but more:  white is neither white, black is neither black

and, still, more:  white and black . . . they’ve ceased to be

nothing is as it is . . . a world of utter confusion!

. . . I tumble into the abyss of life . . . I’ve lost hold in the darkness

and, sitting in the horror of the darkness, I know:  only the yearning is pure

(This unrhymed descriptive reflection is about the dilemma that experiencing the ‘passion for life’ or ‘yearning’ can cause.  This ‘passion’, this ‘yearning’, consists of a thing that is separate in itself, removed from other things.  As a result, experiencing it can “remove” one from the world and the sense of self.  I know, from my own personal experience, and in watching others, that many of us mistake this sense for a feeling of being lost or confused in life.  In other words, we think its a problem, but its not.  In actuality, we are becoming closer to life, embracing it more.  Isn’t it weird how we mistake the experiencing of life as an ailment?)

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