A dream about passing by my old house

I dreamt that I was in a car with my dad and brother.  My dad was driving.  We were travelling in the area where I used to live.  I hadn’t been there for a long time and was amazed about how different things were.  Then I noticed the road that our house was down was coming up.  I thought, for sure, that my dad would turn down to take a look at our old house.  He just went on by without so much as a glance.  I had this sense of being mystified.  Then I noticed, on the left side of the road, a big clearing.  There used to be homes there.  It was maybe 100 ft x 100 ft and had grass.  In the middle was some sort of a structure.  Not very big, maybe 10 x 10, and maybe 30 feet high.  I didn’t know what it was but thought it had to do with power or something like that.  At one edge of this area, along the fence that was a boundary to some homes, was a small structure like a shed.  As I passed by this, I thought it odd.  It was definately something new they just put in recently.

(This dream mystified me.  In fact, being mystified seems the main element of this dream.  Not driving past our house mystified me.  The large open area with structures mystified me.  The whole dream mystified me.  Obviously, the dream has to do with being mystified.  But in what way?  I know that it revolves around a changing sense of self.  Where I used to live was an ‘old self’.  The open area reminds me of a walk me and my dad took where we stopped and rested in this small “park” on the corner of an intersection.  There was, interestingly, some power equipment on one side.  In the dream I thought the area may of had something to do with the power company too.  This shows that this event refers to the image in the dream.  Like the dream, I never knew it was there.  Its interesting that I’ve passed the area many times before but just never noticed it.  This shows a sense of ‘discovering something that was there but I did not know that it was there’.  It shows that this dream refers to a changing sense of self in me, of a discovery of a self that was always there but that I didn’t know was there.   I have been feeling this sense lately.  I feel a ‘change’ in me and who I am.  This new aspect of my self I cannot seem to fathom.  I “feel” it but it “escapes” me.  It is a sense of a “wordless” aspect of my self, reflecting a “wordless” understanding of the world.  As a result of this “wordless” quality it has this “mystifing” aspect about it.  The structure in the middle of the grass, I seem to think, refers to a sense of god.  It sort of represents the ‘center’ of the world, so to speak, a great pillar of the world.  The shed, off to the side, seems to represent me in relation to this ‘center’, that this new self is there close to it.  It shows that it is a religious sense.  The dream is as if saying, “I feel a new sense of self within me.  It has always been there.  It is ‘wordless’ and, for that reason, it mystifies me.  It is a religious self, sensing the presence of god.”)

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