A personal gripe: how we, meaning the U.S., is supposed to give everyone everything

A conversation the other day got me onto one of my gripes thats sort of interesting.  Its how it seems that everyone expects us, the U.S., to give them everything and to solve their problems. 

This gripe is a result of a number of things:

  • If people have a problem somewhere they think we’re supposed to go over there and help them. 
  • If people come over here then they think they should be handed everything.  
  • People also seem to expect all this is for free, all at the expense of the U.S. citizens. 

What particularly makes me upset about all this is that I know very well that this is the U.S.’s own fault.  The U.S. brought this upon itself.  I have repetetively gotten upset how the U.S. has to play ‘Mr. Goodbar’ to everyone.  Sometimes, it seems that the U.S. government treats other people better than its own citizens.  I’ve often wished the government would quit acting that way, but go try and tell them that.  I’ve often wanted to tell the government this but we must remember that this is a ‘democracy’:  the government never listens to the people.  You go try and tell them!

I’ve talked with many people who feel the same way that I do, so I’m not the only one.  Now that the U.S. has financial problems I’m hoping the U.S. will cease this absurdity.  This blatant misuse of the countries money and resources are a form of abuse of the citizens of this country, in my opinion.  To me, its like raiding my kids piggy bank to spend it on something else.  Most of this spending has no ‘sanction’ or ‘approval’ by the people at all, in this so-called democracy.  I know I’ve never been asked if they can spend it, nor have I heard of anyone that has been ‘asked’.  This misuse of money and resources is particularly a problem now that the U.S. is having financial problems.  The U.S. needs to tend to its own problems not the worlds!  I do not support nor believe that the U.S. should be the ‘policeman’ or ‘watchman’ of the world.  It is not the place of the U.S. to solve other peoples problems, wars, disputes, and personal problems.  That’s one place we do not belong!

But go try tell the government that . . .

For most of my life I’ve heard people say this:  “we go and help other countries but would they ever help us if we needed it?” 

That’s a good question. 

I don’t think there are too many who would jump up to it but they’re sure willing to take our money!

It doesn’t take a genius to see that many people, and countries, are taking advantage of the U.S.  You got a stupid blind country, meaning the U.S., who is mesmorized by being the ‘save-all’ of the world.  Trust me, a lot of Americans are mesmorized by that image.  They think its great.  And, from a political perspective, its doubly mesmorizing.  For a politician, the image of the U.S. as the ‘save-all’ of the world makes the U.S. look like some sort of a saint, maybe even something that should be deified.  In reality, though, a lot of ‘American aid and help’ is done to foster the image of a ‘save all’, or some other thing, and not out of ‘good will’, as they often profess.  Politics is not a field made up of a bunch of saints.  Politics rarely does things just for ‘good will’.  There’s almost always something else behind any political decision.  Generally, the ‘truth’ of political decisions is often very unglamorous, non-glorious, and based on self concern more than is usually supposed or stated.  We must remember that one of the reasons that started the U.S. to be the ‘save-all’ of the world was the cold war and trying to compete with the Soviet Union.  It made us ‘look better’ and made the world lean toward our way of looking at things (democracy/capitalism). 

. . . hardly a motive of ‘good will’.

In general, it seems that political interpretation has two main forms (or, perhaps, extremes would be more accurate?):

  1. The idealized glamorous interpretation.  This form tends to make everything ‘glamorous’ and glorious with high cause and just reasons.  It’s the interpretations of saintly motives in everything.  This is the general view of people who profess ‘patriotism’.
  2. The realistic interpretation.  This form tends to look at things as is, without all the high cause of things.  Its through this path that one generally sees that politics is not the high cause it may seem, but that decisions were made for non-glamorous things.  These reasons can range from decisions based in a wisdom and practicality to those based in an unwisdom and sheer nonsense.  Often, its discovered that political decisions were made for “base” reasons, such as for personal gain.  More often than not, it seems, we find that the reasons stated for making political decisions are a down-right lie and a deception.

Naturally, how one interprets the U.S.’s behaviour will depend on which side you lean.  I tend to lean to the realistic interpretation but I know that a lot of Americans “prefer” the idealized glamorous interpretation and are reluctant to admit to the realistic interpretation.  This way, they can ‘look good’. 

But, in all this behaviour to ‘look good’ it appears that no one in the U.S. figured that this would be a means for people and countries to get ‘free lunches’, easy money, and aid of some sort.  No one expected that it would be a way for some people to take advantage of them.  The U.S. isn’t about to admit to that too.  But, in fact, many people in the U.S. are so mesmorized by it that many ARE NOT WILLING to see it that way, particularly in politics . . . it just makes the U.S. look too good.

But, yet, I’ve heard of many people, and even politicians, admit that all they are doing is taking advantage of the U.S.  Many countries will all-of-a-sudden become pro-U.S. when they need help.  They’ll even do things to make it appear they are “American”.  I will never forget what one politician said in the 1980’s, I think it was.  He said that, in his little country, they always “staged” an election when they know an American politician was coming, to “get on their good side” with the hope of getting free “aide”.

Isn’t that weird . . .

And even the common people will suddenly support American ideals, like democracy and freedom, when they want something from the U.S.  How many times have I heard of people miraculously seeing the ‘light of democracy and freedom’ and become instant converts when they want something?  They’ll sit and chant ‘freedom and democracy’ in the streets, with signs stating it too.  They may even wave American flags.  But, after they receive the help, that’s the last you’ll hear from them.

Isn’t that weird . . .

And the U.S. is stupid enough to not see whats going on, that people are playing on their ideals to get at their money or some form of aid to further their cause.   In reality, they have no real interest in American “values” and beliefs.

Never have I heard of an American admit that truth!

I get very insulted when people use our ideals to manipulate us and to try to get us to ‘help them’.  The Illegal Mexicans are a good example.  I’ve seen many who will all-of-a-sudden pretend to take on American ideals.  Out of nowhere, they’ll become Mr. Freedom and Democracy.  They’ll wear hats with the American flag or eagle on it too . . . Mr. Patriotic!  But, yet, quite a few aren’t all that willing to learn english or be “Americanized” nor put forth any effort to ‘fit in’.   It doesn’t take a genius to see that they just want the money and the benefits of the American economy.  They have no real intention of being “American”.  As I always say, “they want to create a ‘new’ Mexico here but with the American economy and consumerism.”

Isn’t that weird . . .

But, I have been particularly insulted when people use our own ideals against us.  I’ve heard instances of where immagrants, for example, will use our own law against us accusing us as being racist and that, because they didn’t get what they wanted.

My god, they aren’t even American citizens . . . and they’re using our own law against us!

All their trying to do is further themselves at our expense!  When people use our own law against us then it has gone far enough.  Not only that, it shows that this country has been blind to this fact long enough and has allowed it to continue for far too long.  All they’re doing is taking advantage of this fact.

The fact of the matter is that when people expect ‘charity’ then it ceases to be charity.  We are ceasing to ‘help’ them.  And many people are expecting it.  There are some countries in the world that are depending on it.

I was insulted when many people in Syria, recently, were sitting there wondering where the U.S. was, expecting us to go and solve their problems.  And, whats worse, they were saying “we want freedom and democracy”, catering to the Americans ‘pride strings’ so they will go help them. 

Yeah, I’m sure their committed to those American ideals. 

More than likely, they just want the U.S. to save them and by catering to these ideals they think they will get it.  Then, after they get it, that’s the last you’ll hear of them.

How many times has that happened?

Too often.

And it’s gone on long enough.

In playing ‘Mr. Goodbar’ the U.S.  has created a condition where people know they can get things from the U.S.  The U.S., though, is oblivious to this fact as they are too mesmorized by the ‘good deed’ they are doing.  They can’t see that a lot of people professing their values are really only trying to get things from them.  Most, if not all, could give a crap about democracy and freedom or any American ideal for that matter.

That’s how it seems to me anyways.

(This subject has bothered my so much that I have written similar things in articles in this blog called “The problem of charity” and “Thoughts on what an immigrant is”.)

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