A dream about being in a basement

I dreamt that I was in a basement with some people.  A friend of my niece was down there with us.  There was one wall that was full of my books.  She reached up and grabbed one.  I said something to her but I can’t remember what it was.  It seems it was something like: “if you grab that book Brian is going to get mad”.  Later, it seems that someone let me take something home that was in that room.

(The room we were in is similar to a room in my grandma’s old house.  I think I was in the room only once, in the late 70’s.  It was the room below the front room.  It was Christmas.  All the adults were in the front room.  For some reason some of us kids went down there.  I don’t recall what we did though.  My first reaction was what I once said about this event many years ago.  Going in the basement we kids could get away from the ‘adults’ and have our own little place.  This, then, makes me think that the front room with the adults refers to the “mundaneness” of life.  The basement refers to a “profoundness” of life.  I want to get away from the “mundaneness” of life and seek its “profoundness”.  In a way, that’s what this dream is about.  This is also supported by the man called Brian.  Just yesterday I thought about watching “The Life of Brian”, a show I really like, but I have seen it so many times I was worried I would get bored with it.  Here we have the “mundaneness” theme again.  My mentioning that “Brian might get mad” is like saying:  “I’m worried that, in my quest for the ‘profoundness’ of life, I will only find the ‘mundaneness’ all over again”.  The thing I took home reminds me of something that also  happened in the late 70’s.  My uncle gave me a model ship he built.  I think it was the USS Constitution.  As I walked out with it, admiring it, my cousin got mad because he wanted it.  My uncle told him that he had given it to me and I ended up taking it home.  This made me feel bad though.  This uncle died 15 or 20 years ago.  I should also point out that, several days ago, one of my uncles died.  Naturally, I have been thinking a lot about death lately, and my uncles.  I think of a remark I had made in one of my articles in this blog site, about Odin as a man, where I said that sacrifice is like opening the door to the ‘other world’, to sanctity, to holiness.  ‘Profoundness’ in life is nothing but a sense of holiness, which is associated with death.  No doubt the theme of my uncles refers to the death/holiness/profoundness connection.  All in all, the dream seems to refer to a desire to find the ‘profoundness’ in life, a holiness, but that I feel like I’m only finding the ‘mundaneness’ of it all.)

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