Thoughts on appreciation – how the feminists taught me to respect the male, the female, and myself

Like many of us, I take many things for granted.  There are so many things to appreciate that we surely cannot sit and appreciate everything.  One of those I took for granted are the mothers and females.  We, as guys, tend to take for granted what they do and they, as females, tend to take for granted what we do.  In short, we take for granted what each of us do.  I feel that its good to sit and reflect, from time to time, the contributions of both male and female and to learn to appreciate what they have done all these centuries and even today.

What’s sad, though, is how I learned this.  Way back in the 1980’s I got my introduction to a group of people called ‘feminists’.  These are girls convinced that the male (and the world, for that matter) is plotting against them.  I sat and watched these people do nothing but degrade and belittle the female.  They degraded almost every aspect of the female. I can recall going into bookstores and seeing books that did nothing but state that all the female did in the past was ‘slavery’ or ‘degradation’ or some other ‘bad’ thing.  Of course, we guys were usually the culprits.

Never in my life have I seen such self-degradation by a group of people! Never have I seen such self-belittling of oneself!  Never have I seen such contempt displayed by a group of people – and toward themselves!  They sat and knocked not only themselves but their mothers before them too!  They sat and knocked, it seems, every quality and trait of the female!  Then, they blamed us guys for it, saying that it was we guys who were doing this!

I couldn’t believe it.  This is something I will never forget in my life.

But, dealing with these ‘feminists’ and their mentality while I was in college, I found myself having to continually defend the female and the mothers of the past.  All the time I had to tell them to quit knocking the female and to have respect for the mothers who have come before them.  They endlessly saw nothing but bad in the female.  No matter what the female did they could see something horrible with it.  I always wanted to say something like this:  “I’m not going to tolerate this degradation of the female by you . . . and don’t you dare blame me for it!”

But, because I had to defend the female and the mothers of the past from the ‘feminists’, it made me look closely at the female and mothers, of what they did, what they contributed.  In so doing I developed a great appreciation for what the female did.  These are things I never thought about.  I don’t know too many guys who have.

I saw how females created a home, kept it livable, were loving, raised children, made clothes, fixed the food, etc., etc., etc.   These are wonderful, and necessary, things.  I grew to love and appreciate this fact.  Even now, I am not that tolerable of someone condemning or downplaying these things, from either male or female. 

But, because the ‘feminists’ endlessly degraded themselves it made me look at myself – a male – and to learn to appreciate what the male did all these centuries and today.  They created a society, built it, maintained it, defended it, and taught us how to live properly, etc., etc., etc.  These are all wonderful, and necessary things.  I am not too tolerable when someone condemns or downplays these things either, from either male or female.

Yes, both the male and female, the mothers and fathers, are a marvel, a wonder to us all.  Both have contributed, in their own way, so many wonderful, necessary things to our lives.  Ever since then I have always felt that we should all take time to reflect on what both have done for us.

But the ‘feminists’ taught me even more:

Since the ‘feminists’ were a bunch of girls fleeing their femininity, and who they are, they taught me to appreciate the unique qualities of the male and the female.  They taught me to respect that the female was a female and a male was a  male and that each has qualities that are unique to each sex and cannot be imitated by the other.  In other words, they taught me that you need to act and be who you are and not try to be something you’re not.  A female, for example, cannot “solve” her problems by trying to be a man.  Only by being who we are, and developing those qualities, will be truly become human beings.  A male, then, must be a male – a female, then, must be a female. 

And, since the ‘feminists’ did endless belittling and degradation of themselves, they taught me to respect myself and to see the good in what I am and do.  They taught me that, though I may seem to do little, I actually make a big contribution and am part of the whole.  This, in reality, is what most of us do anyways.  This is what our mothers and fathers did before us as well.  We each make our small contributions.

But, since they made sexual identity, and behaviour, a political/legal issue they taught me that the qualities of the male and female are a matter of nature, not a political/legal issue.  That is to say, it is not something society can determine.  The political/legal system cannot define, determine, or delineate what a male and female is.  It cannot make a law saying that a male must act this way or a female must act that way.  The qualities of the male and female transcend and rise above the political/legal system.  That is a matter of nature. 

And, since they blamed half the population for their problems, they taught me to not blindly blame people for my problems.  They taught me that, if I do want to blame people, that I should look more closely at it to see if it is me, in actuality, that is the blame, for it is there that it often lies (as I do believe it does with the ‘feminists’). 

Looking back on it, after all these years, I can see that they have taught me so many good things.  But I always thought that it was sad that the ‘feminists’ were the ones who taught me this, because these are such basic human things.  It took a group of people who have no respect for themselves, others, the male, or the female, that taught me to have what they lack – respect.

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