On how I was insulted by a statement from Margaret Thatcher and the thoughts that followed – speaking of the ‘female dilemma’

The other day I heard this statement from Margaret Thatcher that got me to thinking:

“In politics if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.”

I’m not sure of the context this was taken though (perhaps it was a joke?).  But, taking it for what it says, this statement offended, and disgusted, me.  I’ve heard similar things before (and they were not meant as a joke).  My reaction to this type of thing amounts to this:

–What the crap are you talking about?  Look around you.  Practically all that has been created has been done by guys.  What do you mean that if you want something done you need to ask a ‘woman’.  What are you saying? . . . that we’re a bunch of idiots who don’t do anything!  We ARE the ones who did most everything!  Almost everything we have is because of the guys.  The whole political system was created by guys, along with all its ideals and procedures.  And, yet, she’s telling us that we didn’t do anything, and that it was the female who did it all?–

As I said, this statement insulted and disgusted me.  All my life I have heard of nothing but us guys being debased, ridiculed, accused, blamed, villanized, and made out as nothing or as tyrants.  And to bring insult to injury, the females lay claim to all we did . . . and, not only that, many will try to be guys.

I’m sick of it!

This statement I’ve heard many times before, but in different words.  In this particular form, it describes a DEBASING of the male.  Then it is the female TAKING CREDIT for what the male did, as if they are really the ones responsible.  Typically, this is over stuff females have little or no influence in at all. 

I know, from experience, that this type of stuff generally refers to a female low self-esteem.  They ‘project’ it onto other people.  Females do a lot of ‘projection’.  That is to say, they project how they feel about themselves onto other people, ascribing these traits to people when they don’t have it.  Its not uncommon for this ‘projection’ to become a form of ‘attacking’, ‘villanizing’, or ‘abusing’ of other people.  I’ve seen many people suffer because a female ‘projected’ her problems onto them.  Out of nowhere these ‘projections’ can come, at any time, at any moment . . . and for just about anything.

I can often tell a lot about how a female feels about herself by how she talks about other people or society in general.   A good example are the so-called ‘feminists’.  A lot of what they say, from my experience, is a projection of themselves.  This is one reason why many of their claims don’t make any sense or seem odd-ball or seem to come from ‘nowhere’.  The problem isn’t in the ‘world’.  Its in their minds.  Since they have low self-esteem inside, they think the world is “against” them, when its really not.


When females have low self-esteem they will often debase and degrade themselves.   This is common with people with low self-esteem.  They will, on their own free will, debase and degrade themselves, seeing themselves as miserable people.  They are both the ‘degrader’ and the ‘degraded’. 

Many girls, though, will begin to ‘project’ their degradation of themselves onto other people.  In so doing, they make the other person the person who degrades and they become the degraded.  Usually, in this case, they play “little miss-victim-of-everything” and see themselves as ‘innocent’ and a ‘victim’.  In so doing, they literally create, in their own minds, a ‘threat’ that, basically, doesn’t exist.  This can be society, the male, or a number of other things. 

Its not uncommon that when some girls do this they will begin to see the ‘degrader’ and ‘threat’ in everything.  As a result, they always seem themselves as a ‘victim’.  They will often start a ‘war to not be a victim’ in their minds fighting this imaginary ‘threat’.  In effect, what we are dealing with is a delusionary quality that is very prevalent in females.  In fact, Margaret Thatcher’s statement is a good example of this delusion, stating facts which are not true.

Because this is so prevalent I’ve learned to be very careful when females “claim” they are being degraded or ‘threatened’ in some way, as its usually a projection of their low self-esteem.  Whenever I hear it I immediately question the female and her self-esteem.  Some traits this is going on include:

  • Their claims seems out-of-place.
  • They don’t seem to fit into whats going on. 
  • They use things, such as law, to ‘justify’ their ‘threat’. 

My experience is that many girls, deep down, seem to ‘thrive’ on being a ‘victim’.  In fact, once a female begins to ‘project’ it seems to mean that she has a deep inner need to be a ‘victim’.  Once this starts, its hard to stop.  It’s like a big ball that, once rolling, can’t be stopped. 

I have always felt that the ‘female drive to be a victim’ is a result of the “childbearing instinct” in the female.  This is because ‘childbearing’ creates a sense in females of being ‘hurt’.   Menstruation, feelings that ‘overpower’ them and which they can’t control, the fact that childbearing is painful, etc. all lead to that sense.  It seems innate in the female and, for some females, it becomes a battle and a fear they fight.  The problem is that it is innate.   They cannot “defeat” an innate phenemena.  It is part of what I call the ‘female dilemma’

This conflict – the sense of ‘threat’ and being a ‘victim’ – is not something that will leave them, regardless of what they do.  They cannot escape this fact.  But some females try to.  Some of the things they do to avoid this include:

  • Trying to be a man.
  • Blaming something or someone.
  • ‘Relishing’ the fact that they are ‘victims’, and making a ‘life’ out of it.
  • Being insecure and ‘neurotic’ all the time.

The best solution to this problem, it seems to me, is a good identity that has worth and meaning.  Unfortunately, these are not easy to come by nowadays.


I’ve seen many females take the credit for things they didn’t do.  One saying I’ve heard quite often is:  “A man is only as strong as the woman behind him”.  Again, she takes the credit for something she didn’t do.  Thatcher’s statement, above, is a variation of that.  To me, these sayings are insulting . . . and presumptuous.  In a way, its like a theft, stealing someone elses work and identity.

This “theft” can get so bad that they will take on the identity of the male and ascribe male traits to themselves.  A good example of these are the male-want-to-be’s that we see so much in the U.S.  Have you seen them?  Ms. Tough Lady . . . Ms. Aggressive . . . Ms. Don’t-mess-with-me, Ms. Successful (and you better call them Ms. . . . or else!).  And remember that the nickname for Margaret Thatcher was “Iron Lady”. 

Isn’t that interesting . . . 

With all their show and talk all they are doing is aping the male.  Not only that, they are trying to imitate what THEY THINK a man is . . . which is usually wrong.  For example, when some females try to ape a male they tend to think he’s this brute tough guy, which many guys aren’t.  Because this is the idea of what they think a man is these types of girls often become like bullies.  I’ve seen many females go around ‘bullying’ people, especially guys, and thinking they are ‘tough guys’.  It’s sort of comical in a way.  They do it in everyday life, at school, and at work.  In fact, in my experience, I’ve seen more female bullies than male!

Come on girls, ape the male . . .  be a Miss tough-lady!

To me that is pathetic to see girls acting like that.  I look down on females aping the male.  To me, its an unhealthy sign in the female.  To me, it’s like saying, “I’m not happy with myself”.  Not only that, it degrades both the male and the female. 

But many people seem to think its a ‘good’ sign.  They think that a female aping the male is a sign of ‘improvement’, that females are ‘better off’.

In what way?

To me, all this shows a basic ‘sickness’ in many females nowadays.  A female aping the male is only going to lead her further away from who she is, which is whats causing the unhappiness in the first place.  In other words, this female ‘cure’ is only intensifying the ‘sickness’, its only going to make her more unhappy. 

I’ve found that when a female ‘succeeds’ in aping the male it causes all sorts of problems.

  • It gives them the illusion they no longer have the ‘female dilemma’.
  • It makes them arrogant, especially if they succeed in some way.
  • It makes them something they are not.
  • It makes them develop a philosophy of ‘vicitimizing’ which some will turn into a religion (such as I’ve seen with the ‘feminists’).

After all is said and done, they still are no closer to being who they are than when they started.  In fact, they are usually further away.  What this shows is that the female, nowadays, has a crisis which seems to consist of these qualities:

  • They are frightened of an aspect of themselves.
  • They ‘project’ it onto other ‘things’, such as society or the male.
  • They see themeselves as the victim of this other ‘thing’.  It becomes a ‘threat’.
  • They try to flee this ‘threat’, such as by aping the male.
  • If they are successful, they think they have ‘succeeded’.
  • In reality, though, it only gets worse.

Its like a vicious circle that goes around and around.  The problems is that it gets nowhere.  And, to me, that is where many girls are nowadays . . . nowhere.  They only think they are somewhere.

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